Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Taking one for the team......

Hello all! As most of you already know, we sheared our sheep on Sunday-a big 97 of them! LONG day but happy sheep, happy people with fleeces to share!
Every shearing someone takes one for the team. One year Ross got clocked by Bram (Shetland)-a surprise shot to the chin. ANother year, a good friend helping us got it from Riley (Merino/Shetland x) trying to avoid his vaccination after shearing-- by going airborn to jump over the top of her- eek! First instinct is to try and catch them, and she almost did-but over she went.... LAST year, Foster (the wild Merino x) tried to avoid being shagged into the barn for his turn-by attempting to get past David the Wonder Shearer? Foster was shocked when David stood in there, took him on the fly, turning him around and sending him into the barn before Foster even knew he had changed his sheep mind! tee hee! (although, NEVER wish a sheep to run down your favorite shearer- could be a disaster in so many ways!).
SO, this year it was apparently my turn to take one for the team? I think there may be a conspiracy a foot too? Vaughan the Shetland (pictured) had already been sheared but decided to double back, heading pell mell for David & the next sheep- shearing already in progress, with a very expensive shearing set up I might add. Vaughan dodged Jim, gathered speed and came at me like a linebacker trying out for the football team- and yours truly was the tackle dummy. Guess what? I did not move! :0) That sheep would have impressed any coach- hurling at me with his last ditch attempt to avoid me and down we went. HOWEVER, I did CATCH that stinker mid air-right around the tummy, and Vaughan is NOT a lap sheep by any stretch of the imagination!
Part of the story here is that every sheep knows that in this type of situation, I am the 'push over' that will step out of the way if they charge me. Specially if they want to evade Ross and/or Jim. Head Mom's way, she will move!
Not so fast sheepie! And har dee har har on Vaughan.... we had a good laugh that was for sure--but I think Jim might want to really watch out next year? Must be his turn for taking it for the team.... hope not but will be interesting never the less!
Our update will get back on schedule on Monday, April 6 so please excuse our need for 'recovery' around here-also all the extra work to keep our naked sheep warm-it is nasty out, not so bad temp wise, but windy, rainy and just raw- isn't it spring? ha
We have plenty of wool to go around, you can check out the previous post for info- and there is only a 1 pound minimum on unwashed fleeces-and I am starting the fleece sorting tomorrow. Look forward to hearing from you - toodles!


Vykky said...

Laughing out loud as I picture the Magical Mayhem of shearing at your place! What dirty fun! Sounds like Mom earned the Fruit Loops this year but Jim better watch out next year! Good thing you're so far away or I'd be right next to you doing the ole "oink snort" over the sorting tables! Eagerly anticipating great joy with some of Tony's fleece and...oh my...must resist more fleece - must resist - must resist...!

Taos Sunflower said...

Yay Sandy!!! Yay David!!!

Sandy & the sheep said...

Thanks you two! Can't believe how fast it goes but I am not so fast to get myself over the day? Ugh. Reclaiming my routine (not sure I ever really have one though!) today but tiring out already--ugh! Not a good indication for the rest of my day- off to spin yarn, maybe that will get me moving? ha!