Monday, February 22, 2010

A Missing Goat Named Millie.....

First I have to let you know this is not a goat missing from our farm here at the Homestead. That said, I am hoping somewhere we can find someone who knows where Millie is- here is the info posted about Millie:
"Our sweet Lamancha-Boer X Doe Millie has disappeared from our farm on Franklin Rd. (Monroe, Wisconsin). Millie is built and colored like a Boer with the small ears of a Lamancha. Millie is primarily white with a light brown head and markings. She is due to kid in March and our daughter was looking forward to showing her at the County Fair. Millie came to us all the way from New York and she is a remarkable Doe. We would be willing to offer a small reward for Millie's safe return we just miss her very much."
I am going to confirm that they have not found their Millie goat today and if not, will re-post pictures here of what she looks like, or similar goats to give people a good idea of her sweet self. I am not saying this goat was stolen, I have no idea, but I do know the farming communities are seeing a large increase in animal theft. It is frightening and the thought of an animal going missing is one of my personal nightmares. Several months ago, someone cut our back fence line, removed the fence panel and all my sheep were in our hayfield the next morning. We do not know who did the fence cutting but it sure put the fear of something into ME. Our sheep were fine and all accounted for but geesalou. I think I hugged and counted them about 50 times that day- every time in tears.
I cannot imagine how sad Millie's family must be- can you help? If you have any information about Millie, please email or call asap! Thank you for stopping by today.... Sandy & the sheep

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A little plyin' in February!

Plying tends to wait in my studio til every stinking bobbin I have is full of singles! Not that I do not LIKE plying, but I guess, singles is where it is here.... tee hee! This bobbin has plyed on it: 2 ply from our Lincoln cross sheep on left; middle is left over Lincoln x plyed with cute checkered fabric with a random wrap thread; and the right side is two ply Jacob & Cotswold wool- hand dyed by la sheep! ;0)
My knitting involves a sweater I am still mad at! Makes lots of sense right? I had it all done last summer, hubby's first ever sweater from our own sheep, my handspun, etc etc AND in time for winter? Wowser! Well, he tried it on, and the arms were short among other issues- and that sweet wonderful man was going to wear it just to make me happy? I tossed that damn sweater in the corner with my other UFO's and I did not pick it up again til a few weeks ago. STILL mad at it but sad down one grumpy day and frogged the entire thing, and started over.
And that is not the end of this sweater saga, I decided last night, six inches into the back section of the sweater that the ribbing is too tight, need to size up a needle. GRRRRRR. SO tonight I frog, and start over again. Now I am determined to get this right- and DONE!!!! SOOOON! Wish me luck and hope all is well with everyone- from your crabby pants knitter friend!

Monday, February 08, 2010

Studio, lambies and updates- oh my!!

Meet our new sheep Snowy! We adopted her from our friends the McNairs- the 'family' our Romney sheep are from. (I have obviously oink snorted up many right into our own flock!!) ha! Snowy was a bottle lamb raised by Molly, who is off to college soon and wanted Molly to retire with us. Tawist my arm! bwaaahahaha! Snowy is living with our little group of sheep for now- our Bobbi & Andrew (Great Pyrenees) need some time to see her and get used to her being here before she heads out with the big sheep group. She loves treats and is settling down now, I am sure many hugs are to be had!! Eureka!
The sheep are working on today's update- both their website and etsy shop... Be sure to stop in and see what they have been up to- besides Fruit Loop Margaritas!

This is a peek into my office studio- newly rearranged AND organized mind you- well, except for my desk.... This is an approximately 1940's armoire that I came up with at some point about 9 years ago? It needed some help so I got out my trusty paintbrush and got to work. This is the result- a painting of a cupboard on a cupboard? Too fun- makes me want to get painting again- on the walls!!! bwaaahahahahahaha!
Hope to see you soon! Smooches from the sheep!