Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It is summer time in the sheepy-hood!

You've probably all seen this picture already, but it bears repeating. This is one of our Great Pyrenees dogs Bobbi- who watches over our flock. I think we did miss out on Spring here in WI? Last week it was in the 60's and nice sleeping weather at night- around 45-50. THIS week, we have jumped right into August?? Wow. The critters really had no time to adjust and be ready for this temp climb so we are spending lots of time outside being sure they have plenty of fresh water to drink- or splash around in. Works for all of us right?

Bobbi likes to soak her toes in the sheep's water tank- which they heartily disapprove of- if only they 'got' it though. Sheep do not like water.... The llamas and alpacas all have their wading pools set up- and the pot belly piglets have their yearly swimming pool dug up too.

I really should not worry about them so much since they really know what to do to stay comfy- right? But then again, if I didn't worry all the time what WOULD I do? bwaaahahahaha!

I am sorting fleeces every day so be sure to watch for email from the sheep. We are cutting/baling our first crop of hay this week too. The sheep have some new ideas that will be 'announced' after June 1 so stay tuned- lots of fun for everyone!! Smooches from the sheeps!

Monday, May 17, 2010

A few hours in the life....

Well, first this is a post about a few hours of my Sunday afternoon, home alone while the fellows ran errands. Doesn't Phoebe goatie look innocent? Not so much....
Was doing my least favorite laundry- people laundry- give me a dirty sheep fleece anyday! ha! Heard snuffling of all things (in the basement???) and there were two goats looking in the basement window at me. No problemo, we let them in the back yard to 'mow' all the time. Finished up and when I got upstairs, there was PHOEBE looking at me through the back door?
Got shoes, chased the goat off the back porch and closed the door again. What did I hear next? Lambies crying and Snowy mama having a hysterical fit. BOTH lambies out in the big sheep pasture with out mama. As soon as Pixie heard me, she ducked right back in, all innocent, but Pixel is not always as quick as she is. He forgets his way back home. Half an hour later, got the lambs and Snowy back where they belonged. In the mean time, Becan Shetland got IN, and Keebler sheep got OUT. I was so tired- and mad- I shut the gate and said enough. Wait til the guys get home.
Looked up just in time to see Shannon Shetland trotting off down the driveway- looking at me over her shoulder like, tee hee, MY turn! Also noticed at the same time about 5 of her Shetland buddies had snuck into the paddock with the llamas/alpacas. Urgh. THEN, the goats were sleeping inside my back porch? Really? They opened a patio door?
SO ended up throwing my hands up in the air and stomping in the house- THREE HOURS of this silliness and I was el done-o. The guys got home, fixed the fence and got the rest of the critters back where they belonged.... and guess what? The critters were ALL angels? Holy smack....
Good thing they are cute - they sure had a plan for me yesterday didn't they? sheesh! ;0)

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Happy cinco de mayo cha cha cha!

Me thinks the sheep are already passing around the pitchers of Fruit Loop Margaritas? wow...

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Another good day....

Howdy everyone- Dalai Llama here! I am the boss, protector in chief of the sheep flock here at the Homestead. I am in charge- least whenever Sandy is not around! IF a coyote, dog (or person) steps a foot in the pasture with my sheep, first I round them up into a circle and tell them to stay there til I say it is ok to move. Believe me, they DO stay, I have taught them well. I keep predators away from my sheep by stomping, biting or shaking them. I have never had to hurt an animal and hope I don't ever have to- but don't try me! (I also have the help of the Great Pyrenees dogs Bobbi & Andrew- but they are the night guards, I am the day guard).
This is what I see every morning, sheep sleeping outside and in the barn. This is Sunshine the Shetland- doesn't she look happy?

This is a picture of some of my older sheeps, who would rather sleep late. Can't have two groups of sheep so I round them all up so we are ready to hit the salad bar (aka BIG pasture) when Sandy comes out for an early walk. Normally I am the lead Llama, but when Sandy is out, I am second in the single file following her. (Sandy can really be bossy but I love her anyway!)

This is the view from the top of the tallest hill on our farm. The fields are across the street and in the far top left corner, there are wild turkeys gobbling and saying good day- every morning. Sandy waits here while we all go out the gate- the SHEEP each stop on the way out for smooches and hugs. Not ME though, I am NOT into hugs! Treats yes, hugs no.....
I bring the sheep back by the barn several times a day for a cold drink of water and a nap in the shade. Sometimes I am sneaky and push the dogs out of the way to soak my toes in the water tank when it is hot out ;0) . I bring the sheep back home by dark so Bobbi & Andrew dogs can take over for night watch. I love my job, my sheep- and every morning is the start to another great day!
PS- the sheep are finishing up an update (aka Sandy is cracking the whip) so don't forget to stop by the website and etsy ok?