Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Welcomes and updates!

Hello sheeples! Have lots to show you this week! This is our new lambie pie Apollo- a sweet little North Country Cheviot sheep we adopted from Graham & Margaret's happy flock. He was a bottle lamb this spring and even at 6 months (now), he is SO small- just doesn't plan to grow I guess? He is the size of oh, maybe a Brittany Spaniel? We'll see if he grows into that name- if not, mini sheep is fine by me too! ;0) This is Julia, my friends Kathi & Jon's llama, who came to live with us all the way from Door County WI. They had a hard time driving out of the driveway with out her, loved her dearly, but since I have always adored that beautiful llama, when she needed a home, Kath brought her here... We also have Chaquita here (who came some time ago) that was not being so nice to them- she liked to spit. Ugh. Now that she has a job watching our goaties, Chaquita is good, just don't push her- she still likes to spit once in a while! Julia is watching over our little special needs group for now- and enjoying the view of the ever handsome Dalai Llama! giggle snort!
The sheep also updated the website and etsy shop with lots of new yarn and fiber! Be sure to stop in and look around!

Black Bay Lash/boa yarn!

Chaquita & Max llamas' clouds- Grain Fields!

And last but not least, here is my Cricket horse. She was rescued by a wonderful young lady from northern MN and we adopted Cricket last winter. She was in a sorry state, a throw away baby not even old enough to be away from her mama. We were not sure she would even live. She had skin problems and was SO underweight. She caught my eye because she looked/looks uncannily like the horse I lived my entire life with til I put Crissy down five years ago. It is spooky.

I swore I would never buy another horse, never wanted to compare one to Crissy its whole life- who knew! Cricket is a peanut and we are just starting to do some ground work with her. She is growing again, she won't be 2 til August and is almost 15 hands tall?! wow!

I truly believe some things were just meant to be. We got Cricket knowing that Monte was failing. When we had to put Crissy down, Monte laid down and would not get up- he wanted to go too. Then we got Casper the honkey donkey just in time to perk Monte up again. He saved him. Now when we had to put Monte down, Cricket has saved Casper. Funny how things work out- and how much animals truly do grieve.
Hope you are all happily fibering away- we will be updating the website and etsy again this weekend- planning the rest of the week for sorting fleeces! Giddyup!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Another day..... ;0)

Apparently my Dalai Llama's ego is easily bruised? We welcomed Julia to the farm yesterday- she is my friend Kathi's beautiful llama! Dalai came to see who was new in 'his' kingdom and was promptly told Julia was not impressed! She has a full coat of beauteous fiber and looks might poofy- Dalai had an all over haircut this year- but still THINKS he is poofy! He sort of is now that he is ready for winter, however, he took one look at her and said WOWSER! He was not sure if he should be impressed with HER, or try to tell her he was boss? He looked a little confused poor fellow. He wandered off and left her by the fence after a long staredown- with both having those long banana ears pinned back- they hold their heads so funny when they do that- makes them look like a camel! What? camels? I love camels!!! bwaaahahahaha! Jim cringes at the thought..... I don't!
SO, getting Julia settled in and comfy with her little special needs sheep and have boxes to get on their way today. Rainy and weird around here but great inside work weather! Yey, because I have lots! We will be updating the site this weekend so be sure to stop back ok? Toodles for now!
PS- critter photo shoot planned for the weekend too- Julia, Cricket and everyone!

Friday, October 09, 2009

Friday update and Fall Scramble!

Happy Fall to you! Sure came up fast didn't it? Savanna cannot believe it! And how the 'fall scramble' seems to catch us EVERY year, despite our best summer intentions! eek. This weekend it is blustery enough to be 'coldish', overcast and only about 40 degrees? Holey camoley batman. SO, all those little jobs that could have been done this summer, are a must do NOW! Grain feeders today, sheep worming/check ups tomorrow morning. Even a few coats for the smallest sheep- mainly the Shetlands because they are so much smaller than everyone. Also coating our Angora goats this winter- keep your fingers crossed for our 'no-rip' coats ok? Giddyup!
This is Savanna's wool, (her picture is above this one)- she is a Lincoln cross sheep with the most beauteous honey brown fleece. It is soft, locks of 4 + inches and very little debris/veggie matter remains. Perfect as is, dyes well and is an easy wash too!

Mulberry Wine- hmmmm, need a jug of THAT. This is Coopworth wool from Jacob's flock- all soft and snuggly, perfect for a fall spinning/felting project!
The sheep added lots of new fiber (unwashed, washed & dyed) and yarn to the site & etsy so be sure to check it all out! And as always, we are happy to combine orders between the site and etsy shop- and refund over charges for shipping from Etsy! We are so easy to work with! tee hee!
Also, if you could be on the look out for critters in need, you might be surprised where they are- all around you. This week found a horse running loose in a very large city in IL- nobody has claimed him yet and I am happy that the horse was caught before being hit by a car. I hope the owner is looking for him, but it would not surprise me if some desperate person may have just let it loose, hoping someone would take him in. (doesn't always make sense to me but people are absolutely desperate right now). We have a good network of people that are friends of the sheep and always try to help place large animals/fiber animals with a good home, or temporary place to have shelter and love.
And please also remember, while there are turds out there that do not take care of their animal friends, I think right now, there are more people in the terrible place that they actually have to choose to feed their family and find homes for their animal friends. It is a gutwrenching decision for most people to make- if you see a chance to help someone, a bag of dog food, cat food or? You would be amazed how helpful that can be. Specially if it is just a rough month for someone- it may just get them through til things are better.... You don't even have to tell them you did it if you are worried about hurthing their feelings- just drop it on their porch, in their car? And take away with YOU the good karm that follows for paying things forward.
Thank you all for being so wonderful and hope you have a very merry fibery weekend!!