Saturday, December 27, 2008

Update ahoy and our own animal friendly millspun yarn!

Happy weekend everyone! The update is finito so please be sure to browse around, lots of pretty locks, washed/unwashed fiber, handspun, batts, clouds AND our new millspun yarn!!
Our new millspun yarn is a combined project between our own sheep, and Jenny's alpacas/llamas & guanacos! Too too fun! We wash the fiber here and send it to the girls at Argyle Fiber Mill (.com) for prep and spinning. This is yarn that just got back home last week and it is next to the skin soft Alpaca-spun in approximately DK weight.

This is also new yarn--again, alpaca in approximately DK weight. If you don't save me from myself, I might have to pop some of that lighter version into the dyepots!!! (insert witch laugh here!)
This is how the yarn knits up, I used #9 needles but probably could have used a #10 for a bit looser knit. This picture is of the ivory Romney x wool from our sheep, and a stripe of the medium silvery brown alpaca. Just too pretty, soft and a very versatile yarn--enough for entire projects, trim, or? Just have some fun and know that we are continuing to branch out to offer unique yarn that is animal friendly--you won't be disapointed! Have a happy weekend--got plans for New Years eve/day? Drive safe if you do!! Cheers!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays everyone! Hope you are hugging up your families and enjoying the day! Had to give some prime time to the goats, who have been complaining that they are never on the blog! This is our Ariel, she was a bottle girl that kept our Angus company as a bottle lamb. Makes sense! Shetland sheep with a crazy Pygmy cross goat? They were a hoot romping around the house! And as you can see, Ariel has a great goatie sense of humor! This was her favorite place to hide out--until the goats spent too much time hopping on and off the roof--of course to get to the garage roof? Crazy goats!!
And this is Phoebe, she loves this box and even though she is too big for it now, she STILL manages to fit herself in there--one of these days we may have to bust her out! ha! She is also a bottle baby and she spent much of her first winter in the house-- when she gets loose, she comes and waits for me at the back door and still takes any chance to get back in the house. What a sweetie! She is a Pygora goat and gives us some gorgeous fiber every spring.
Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday, update set for tomorrow (12/16) so be sure to browse by! Lots of fiber, NEW mill spun yarn from Jenny's alpacas, and even some new yarn--busy busy sheep! ha! Joy to the Wooled everyone!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Some sheep you may not know yet?

Happy is not new to us but this is a new picture of his happy soul! He is so sweet, arrived some years ago with his best buddy Gilmore (tee hee) as bottle lambs. They are inseperable and love a good hug--and of course Fruit Loops! (they also happen to think the fellows should take them golfing too--so far no go!)
Garth is a wise purchase Ross made from a friend who has physical disabilities that prevented her from keeping her pets. Garth is a beautiful Icelandic/E.Fresian cross that is still somewhat shy, but his coat is beyond gorgeous! Loooong locks that are a chestnut color with blonde tips--very striking and soft--we have yarn from Garth on the crazy quilt yarn page if you 'need' a skein! :0)

And last but not least--the mighty Ranier--the blue gray Icelandic sheep. Another smart purchase by Ross--and Ranier is best buds with Garth. (they have always lived together) Ranier is a sweet boy, sort of like a cat though, likes you in his time, his day. He is very regal and I swear, he does not walk, he STOMPS like he is king and everyone should know it! I have not even touched his gorgeous fleece yet this winter, just keep eyeing it from afar. it is a blue/silver color that I have not seen in a fleece before, soft and well, I really should get it in the wash SOON me thinks? The fellows will show up on the website soon--on our meet the sheep pages. Lots of stories to read so get a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy the sheep!!! (and we hope you are warmer than we are today--windy and eeeek!)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Steeler grows up & Llamapaca palooza!!!

Meet Jim's new alpaca boys! They arrived at Jenny's farm about a month ago, all the way from Tennessee! Their owner was sad to let them go and was so desperate for a good home for them, she drove them all the way up to drop them off. We are lucky to have them! They are SO cute and have fit in with the llama flock nicely. They like Jim best, who knew Jim loves alpacas? I guess he never told me because he was afraid of what might happen here? tee hee!

These are a few of the six llama boys I adopted from Jenny--they are a year old going on two and came to Jen's from another happy farm. The white llama is so wise, calm and sure of himself--he is our Obama Llama--leader of the group. Behind him you can see VanGogh, he is missing parts of his ears due to frostbite--I swear he has a neck like a giraffe!! The other picture shows Radar in the front--he loves to hum you a song and is the first to sound the alarm if something is amiss in llama world. VanGogh is in the back of THAT picture too--stalking the camera! the llama on the right can't decide what he wants to be called, we are thinking he and the other two need to be Obama cabinet members! baaahahahaah and how fun can life be? The llamas and alpacas are overseen by the big llama Max the great--he is boss and takes his guard duties of this little family very seriously. Except when it comes to the love of his life--Chaquita who is in the next pasture guarding our goaties. Now how sad Max is SO in love with her--and she absolutely detests him--he gets spit at routinely and just keeps going back to her mad face for more upset! Poor fellow! Don't think he will ever win her over....

This is Steeler, he was one of 12 sheep we rescued as part of a larger rescue in Pennsylvania several years ago. He is definitely the man of the house, neutered but he does not think so? The first picture is him when he arrived--all young and not so sure he wanted to be here. The second is him all grown up, and look at those horns? Wowser--showing off his Merino heritage me thinks. He is a sweet sweet boy who loves a good scratch, specially where he can't reach around his horns. He loves hugs and definitely keeps the boys in line. He takes no guff out there, if the sheep are playing rough, he will just stomp his way there and they scatter, no questions asked! Playtime has to move Steeler SAYS order in teh court(yard)! He lives with Dalai Llama if you want to check out our meet the sheep pages on the site.... more fun pictures soon, been out and about with the camera in the snow--the sheep are just too fun--we plow race track paths for them in the pastures and they just have a riot every time--they can get out and exercise, chase each other around and not have their poor naked legs get so cold--at least not as fast anyway! They are a hoot and as you all know, I am so very easily amused!! Update scheduled the day after Christmas so be sure to stop by and hope you all have wonderful holidays--hug your families close-call them if you can't get home! Off to get ready for the blizzard coming our way with six more inches of snow--eek! (we just got over a foot of snow Thurs night!) Cheerio!

Friday, December 19, 2008

And the snow begins! An update is done!!

First of all, the sheep knuckled down and got the update accomplished! This is Goliath, our little sheep who arrived as a bottle lamb several years ago with a gang of others--his best friends include Happy, Cosmo and actually everyone he meets! He is an odd little man, a Romney/Lincoln x who has very little wool on his head or ears. It has improved over the years - and of all the unmanly things, we use to have to keep sun screen on his poor ears! He did NOT appreciate that! Goliath (aka Golly) created two pretty colorways for this week's update so don't miss out!

Also more dyed Suri Alpaca--from our Jenny's happy llama, alpaca and guanaco flock! Soft and slinky--a bit of shine and a fun fiber for tail spinning too. There are lots more fibers, batts, washed/unwashed wool and more so be sure to check around!

We also added lots of lash yarn to the Crazy Quilt yarn page, they are from special sheep and would be fun additions to your next projects, or? Just have some holiday karma right? We will be updating the site again the day after Christmas so keep an eye out--the little sheepy elves will be hard at work--baaaaahahahaha!

Joy to the Wooled everyone--hug your families up over the holidays and travel safe!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bella Mia Update!

Well, here is my Miss Bella Mia! If you go back a few posts you can see her 'before' pictures and read the story of her rescue. She was in pretty sad shape when we brought her home but now she is a different girl! Got a haircut that allowed some wool to keep her warm and we are happy to say she is on her feet a majority of the time now, not her front knees. Her right leg is a little shorter than the left in front, not sure if that is an old injury or if she was born that way but either way, arthritis is a large issue for her. We are working through that now and she has gained weight--AND we seem to have her pain issues under control. She is an old girl, probably a Hampshire sheep and we adore her. She is bunking with our oldest sheep Kelly and they are good friends. We are so proud of her for not losing that spark to try. The first picture shows how content she is--and full of good food! Yey Bella Mia!!

Update tomorrow, maybe Monday if the fiber continues to rebel at the thought of drying!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sheepy Update Preview? :0)

Mr. Goliath has been working at the dyepots this week and has created some very dramatic colorways! He is a sweet boy (I KNOW, I say that about them all but it really is TRUE!) who arrived as a bottle lamb. He came along with several others that year and spent some time inside romping around the house in pampers. No really! His best friends are Happy and Baab Hope. He has grown into a very pretty Romney cross sheep with a long stapled, medium soft fleece that takes dye like a champ! Very pretty, almost a shine when spun. He said to ask you to stop back this weekend when everything is dry and ready to add to the site, so far, some lash yarn is ready, dyed wool, even some dyed Suri Alpaca from Jen's flock! More very soon-- Goliath (aka Golly)

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Not a snow plow in sight.....

Because I have not been outside quite yet, using a picture from last winter here--and looks amazingly like today in the pasture of cuteness! I am not sure how much snow we have, the roads are drifted shut and not a snowplow in sight. Yum! Great day for spinning yarn and watching the sheep play in the snow. They love to play, til their legs get cold, then they are back in the barn pel mel. A pretty day for sure--but keeping us from town so appreciate your patience about packages heading out--hoping tomorrow but might not be til Thursday..... Another update on the way for the weekend so keep an eye out and happy winter everyone! Toodles!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Cool Beans Rachel Article!

Our Rudy was nosing about the Internet (baaahahahaha) and found a very nice article about our friend Rachel and her yarn spinning! Way to go Rachel! You can find the blog/article/interview here. It is a great read and Rachel is a very talented, creative fiber artist!

Rescue llama update: Just heard last night from Jenny that of the 19 llamas she has from the rescue, 3 will retire with her and have a forever home (they are very old) and the rest have homes! Yey Jen! She is amazing and now says she is ready to go again. Wow. She just has two more to deliver and wa-la, happy llamas for the holidays! Jenny was their true gift, and homes for the holidays--lucky, happy llamas! Keeping good thoughts for everyone and have a happy week! Rudy