Saturday, December 20, 2008

Steeler grows up & Llamapaca palooza!!!

Meet Jim's new alpaca boys! They arrived at Jenny's farm about a month ago, all the way from Tennessee! Their owner was sad to let them go and was so desperate for a good home for them, she drove them all the way up to drop them off. We are lucky to have them! They are SO cute and have fit in with the llama flock nicely. They like Jim best, who knew Jim loves alpacas? I guess he never told me because he was afraid of what might happen here? tee hee!

These are a few of the six llama boys I adopted from Jenny--they are a year old going on two and came to Jen's from another happy farm. The white llama is so wise, calm and sure of himself--he is our Obama Llama--leader of the group. Behind him you can see VanGogh, he is missing parts of his ears due to frostbite--I swear he has a neck like a giraffe!! The other picture shows Radar in the front--he loves to hum you a song and is the first to sound the alarm if something is amiss in llama world. VanGogh is in the back of THAT picture too--stalking the camera! the llama on the right can't decide what he wants to be called, we are thinking he and the other two need to be Obama cabinet members! baaahahahaah and how fun can life be? The llamas and alpacas are overseen by the big llama Max the great--he is boss and takes his guard duties of this little family very seriously. Except when it comes to the love of his life--Chaquita who is in the next pasture guarding our goaties. Now how sad Max is SO in love with her--and she absolutely detests him--he gets spit at routinely and just keeps going back to her mad face for more upset! Poor fellow! Don't think he will ever win her over....

This is Steeler, he was one of 12 sheep we rescued as part of a larger rescue in Pennsylvania several years ago. He is definitely the man of the house, neutered but he does not think so? The first picture is him when he arrived--all young and not so sure he wanted to be here. The second is him all grown up, and look at those horns? Wowser--showing off his Merino heritage me thinks. He is a sweet sweet boy who loves a good scratch, specially where he can't reach around his horns. He loves hugs and definitely keeps the boys in line. He takes no guff out there, if the sheep are playing rough, he will just stomp his way there and they scatter, no questions asked! Playtime has to move Steeler SAYS order in teh court(yard)! He lives with Dalai Llama if you want to check out our meet the sheep pages on the site.... more fun pictures soon, been out and about with the camera in the snow--the sheep are just too fun--we plow race track paths for them in the pastures and they just have a riot every time--they can get out and exercise, chase each other around and not have their poor naked legs get so cold--at least not as fast anyway! They are a hoot and as you all know, I am so very easily amused!! Update scheduled the day after Christmas so be sure to stop by and hope you all have wonderful holidays--hug your families close-call them if you can't get home! Off to get ready for the blizzard coming our way with six more inches of snow--eek! (we just got over a foot of snow Thurs night!) Cheerio!

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HollyEQQ said...

I love the new pictures of the sheep!
That is exactly what we wanted you to have your camera for. They look spectacular - and you are so good at taking them. You just needed a better camera.
Steeler looks fabulous. You should use that picture in someones book! Or use it to make up business cards - Vista is free and I love their cards. I get post cards and xmas type cards (to use as note cards) done there as well for free.
I even did up calendars for stocking stuffers this year. Now that you have all those handsome sheepie pics you should get something done up!
And no more dye dipping the camera either!