Friday, June 29, 2012


REALLY Pixie??? Do you think she is laughing at me for catching her lounging in the mineral feeder? OR is she gasping in surprise because I caught her AND had the camera to prove it??? 

bwaaahahahaha- I love my sheep! 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

They are big sheep now....

 Remember Penny (left) and Mayhem?? Such tiny little bottle lambs we adopted from a friend's flock in early Spring. Penny lived in the house with us until Mayhem came along. I cried and cried the day I put her outside with Mayhem to start being a 'big sheep'...

This is a picture of them when they were still little, waiting for me on the back porch. Penny did not (still does  not) understand why she can't come back in and romp around the house! 

And this is today. They moved in with the big sheep group about a month ago. Can you see them waaay out there? Upper left hand side of the picture you see my two 'big sheep'. They are going through the 'woo hoo I am free and don't need you any more Mom' phase. More tears on my part but so glad they are happy, well adjusted sheeps. (tee hee) They'll grow out of the freedom phase in a few weeks and be back trying to sit in my lap, seeing if I have bottles for them and trying to scoot out the gate every time it is opened! Not much is sweeter than lambs romping in the house- would do it again in a heart beat.... :0) 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Shetland kind of day!

Shetland sheep are a hoot! They are sweet little sheep who just love life! Ours are like a little clan in the midst of our flock. They spend their days scampering around, playing tag and king of the dirt pile- oh, and of course dining on a few Fruit Loops AND napping. 

Greta is a gal who arrived here some years back after her owner's health forced her to re-home her sheep. Greta has a twin sister Ingrid. She brought with her Arthur, Claire and Ranier (Icelandic) and Garth (Icelandic/E.Fresian x). They are very good friends and I amazed at the energy these sheep possess! 

This is Arthur's fleece. He has a really unique color- even some striped locks! We have even more Shetlands romping around here too- Hershey, Angus, Becan, Bram, Vaughan, Sunshine and Mario. They all have next to the skin soft fleeces and vary in color from fawn to black. Most of them are single coated too! 

ANYhoo, was just out watching the Shetland clan playing around. Thought I would share their funny selves! A video camera would probably be a better way to do them justice and capture their antics? I am betting they would turn that camera on ME though- look out world! 

Did you know each of our sheep has a bio on the website? Check out the 'meet the sheep' links and have a visit! Chow for now peeps!