Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Shetland kind of day!

Shetland sheep are a hoot! They are sweet little sheep who just love life! Ours are like a little clan in the midst of our flock. They spend their days scampering around, playing tag and king of the dirt pile- oh, and of course dining on a few Fruit Loops AND napping. 

Greta is a gal who arrived here some years back after her owner's health forced her to re-home her sheep. Greta has a twin sister Ingrid. She brought with her Arthur, Claire and Ranier (Icelandic) and Garth (Icelandic/E.Fresian x). They are very good friends and I amazed at the energy these sheep possess! 

This is Arthur's fleece. He has a really unique color- even some striped locks! We have even more Shetlands romping around here too- Hershey, Angus, Becan, Bram, Vaughan, Sunshine and Mario. They all have next to the skin soft fleeces and vary in color from fawn to black. Most of them are single coated too! 

ANYhoo, was just out watching the Shetland clan playing around. Thought I would share their funny selves! A video camera would probably be a better way to do them justice and capture their antics? I am betting they would turn that camera on ME though- look out world! 

Did you know each of our sheep has a bio on the website? Check out the 'meet the sheep' links and have a visit! Chow for now peeps! 


CathieG said...

Very sweet. I love the colors of the fleece! I agree a video of their antics would be pretty cool!

Indigonightowl said...

Greta looks so serene, and what an amazing fleece she has to lounge in! Your shetlands sound like such a joy, as do they all though! :)