Thursday, December 23, 2010

La Miso Del Gallo....

Our Dalai Llama
Each year the sheep and I love to read about holiday traditions in other cultures and parts of our world. Because we love our own Charlie Rooster, the llamas and alpacas brought this story to us. We hope we have captured the sweetness of this traditional story…
Christmas in Paraguay is celebrated in a deeply religious way. The main focus of the season is the pesebre or nativity scene which is found in both the home and in churches.
December is the summer season in South America, and there is a profusion of flowers growing everywhere at this time of year. Churches and homes are decorated in bright colors to match the flowers. On Christmas Eve, church bells beckon the people to church at midnight for La Misa Del Gallo, translated as Midnight Mass, or more literally the Mass of the Rooster.

Our Charlie rooster and his Chica
Legend has it that the Rooster’s Mass owes its name to the Rooster who would have been among the first to witness the birth of Jesus- and thus be the one to announce it.
In most Spanish speaking countries, Misa de gallo is a typical midnight mass starting around 12 am Christmas Eve. The Christmas feasting begins when family and friends return home from Mass.

We all wish you the very happiest holiday, spent with loved ones, safe travels and wonderful memories to keep in your heart!
Smooches to all, and to all a good night............


Monday, November 29, 2010

Warming up for winter!

and STAYing that way! With some warmies designed by the sheep just for you.... Please stop by our website- no cold sheep fans allowed THIS winter! ;0)

Louis' Bomber Hat
A HobGoblin Hat!
Samuel's wristlets (Romney wool + alpaca)  sold out
Fletcher's Mittens!
Laura's Stylin hat!
Louis' Mittens!

Hope you are all having a wonderful Monday and look forward to hearing from you when you have time- we will be posting new fiber, yarn and knitwear all week so stop on by! Smooches from the sheeps!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The sheep have been busy.....

....playing, while I take photos- bwaaahahahaha! Welcome Aurora, our latest retiree from our friends the McNair's beautiful Romney flock- pictures soon! We just updated the website last night with new fiber, roving and handspun yarn. Hope you can stop on by- here is a little of what you will see: ( )
Bonanza Roving
Stevie Ray Fab! 2 ply yarn
Chanelle's Shadow 2 ply!
Our Morgan's Tunis wool + our Radar's Llama fiber- roving!
Rustic Charm! roving
Crazy Quilt Glam! 3 ply bulky bulky
Sort of a dreary, barely rainy day in sheepyville today. The sheep are snoozing, but wait- I think I hear the clinking of glasses?? Must mean the sheep are preparing Fruit Loop Margaritas for their football Sunday- already?? Really sheep? Keep your fingers crossed they will not be brawling out there by noon ok? (or I may join them!) Happy Sunday everyone- hope you are enjoying your day!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wordless Tuesday!

no fire, just a pretty sunset, oopsie- words?!
If you know me at all, you will know how utterly impossible it is for me to do a wordless post.... snicker! Smooches from the flock!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Did Sweet Little Emma Sheep Spin THIS yarn????

Our Emma retired with us a few years back when her owner's health forced her to re-home her flock of sheep. Emma was her favorite and we soon learned why! She is a sweet girl who loves hugs, me AND of course- Fruit Loops!

Emma was sleepy when I took this photo- she looks all innocent doesn't she? However, she loves to design yarn- and she has a flair for 'magic'..... 

Emma had some 'help' with findings for this yarn. My Mom and her friends are secret shoppers for the sheep, always on the look out for yarn, fabric and goodies that work into our yarns. This yarn is a combination of techniques that I love to spin. Emma dyed up her pretty, soft soft fiber and had me spin a single ply of our 'snaggletooth' yarn (has loops). The second ply started out as a novelty yarn, long since out of 'style', over which she had me spin more ofher lovely fiber. Put them together and wa-laa- "Emma's Snaggletooth' yarn. Emmal also wants to be very clear- she does NOT have snaggleteeth! ;0)
Another of Emma's yarns, spun the same as the first, this time with a different novelty yarn involved- looks like little bows or flowers doesn't it?
This skein is called Shadowspun Emma!

The other sheep had to get in the snaggletooth designing too! This is a yarn they named 'Remix'. Again, a combo of snaggletooth and shadowspun handspun.

I LOVE finding new uses for found objets and am very hooked on spinning this type of yarn. Hope you will stop on by and see all the new yarn the sheep just added to the website- . Working on updates as we speak, plan to be done by tonight (Thurs 11/11)! 

Smooches from the sheep- specially Emma! 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just Plain BATTY!

Yep, that's me today- just plain batty.... have mega pics to re-take because I forgot a few important things yesterday.... Bet you are all sick of my whining huh? ;0) Here are some batty photos that DID turn out ok!

Josie's Crazy Quilt Batt #3 (inside)!

Josie's Crazy Quilt Batt #3 (outside)!

I have more batts ready to go, will be adding them to the sheeps' website, tonight- don't miss out! More pictures asap! Yarn AND more batts! Smooches from the sheep and have a great day!

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Fiber and Yarn update!

The sheep have been busy! (ha!) Just added some new fiber to the website and etsy shop, will be adding yarn and roving later this evening....

Our Willow's Crazy Quilt! (will be listed on the website- )

Sultry! (East Fresian locks- dyed- available on the website )

Pirate's Loot! (mohair/angora goat locks- available on the website- )
Our Chance's Crazy Quilt! available in our Etsy shop-

 Hope to see you there- keep an eye out for more roving and yarn!! OH, and hand knit/handspun items to keep you warm and toasty too! Smooches from the sheep!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rolling out the shopping cart!

Most of you are aware of the sheep's decision to add a shopping cart to their website? We just finished up all the coding and away we roll- tee hee!
Must add though, the sheep often make executive decisions about the website. I think after deciding to add the shopping cart, they also added an addendum to say NO SHEEP will help Sandy get the techno aspects accomplished. I spent a few weeks asking 'where ARE my techno sheep when I need them?' Then I decided the are lucky they are cute because I cannot stay mad at them for even a second.... still, just sayin'!

The sheep have taken over in the fiber palace again though- they've gone batty! bwaaahahaha! We are still adding lots of fiber and yarn so hope you will stop on by. They are even launching their new fall fashion line- lots of warmies for fall/winter and gifts...

Hope you can all stop by and have a browse- help us roll out the barrell- bwaaahahahahaha! (just don't let those sassy sheep push me in the cart- over the hill!) Smooches from the sheep!

Homestead Wool And Gift Farm

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Do you see what I see?

A fleece, a fleece, lurking in my stash...... Which would be why the sheep are currently kicking my hiney to get my ridiculous stash 'under control'- but is it EVER that? (usually not-ha ha sheep!)
BUT, do you see what I see? To me it would be impossible to choose my favorite part of fiber work, but sorting a pretty fleece has to be right up at the top. It might seem weird, a dirty fleece with such a wonderful smell- outdoors and of my sweet sweet sheeps. It is like having them right in my fiber palace with me while I work, sorting each fleece lock by lock to be sure only the best reach our customers' projects.
I see evidence of my sheeps' gleeful, purposeful ability to ignore our 'clean fleece' rules. They know I strictly enforce our number ONE rule- happy sheep- the others are simply 'requests'. I find flakes of hay deposited by larger sheep eating their lunch over the top of the smaller sheep. A stray oat that was not vacuumed up by hungry sheep- eating like they have not eaten for days? And for those of you know are familiar with our little flock, NObody is anywhere near hungry.

I can see a sheep that has been sick at some point in the past year-breaks in the fleece indicate fever, illness, lambing or a change in feed.  Long beautiful locks that are healthy and strong from good food.  Natural fading at the tips of the locks from lazy days of napping in the sun.

We also sell for and purchase from other little animal friendly flocks- their fleeces also tell me their stories. Some live down the road, some far away. Some sheep we know live on a golf course. Some wear jackets, some do not. A glimpse of a sheep who is obviously top of the food line or the rascal sheep who is always into something. Most of all, I can see the kindness and love provided by the sheep's owners.

Be careful or you might miss the special story all rolled up in a sheep's fleece. Some things you just can't see with your eyes.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Come visit us at Graham & Margaret's this weekend!

Whahaaaat? Party at Graham & Margaret's you say? Come on out and meet up with some gorgeous sheep, see Graham's working Border Collies in action and spinning demo by me.

Activities at Little Dale Farm are set for 2 to 4 pm, Saturday, October 2, 2010
(photo credit: Melony Howard, Milwaukee, WI)
Be sure to check the website for directions- you can find them (and more info) at or email me at !
(photo credit: Melony Howard, Milwaukee, WI)

North Country Cheviot, Scotch Mule Sheep and British Suffolk will all be at the party- come see some rare breed sheep. They are native to Graham & Margaret's homes in England and Scotland- and a treasure here in the USA. 

The fun is scheduled from 2 to 4 pm, Saturday October 2nd, 2010- don't miss out! The event is coordinated with Richland Center activities for the weekend- lots to do and visit- definitely a fun Saturday- hope to see you there! ;0) or email me at if you have questions!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The cart before the sheep???

REALLY???? Well, the sheep took a vote- EVERYone of the Ryan critter crew decided it was time to add a shopping cart to their website.... I have been avoiding doing so, mainly because I do not like big changes- and this is a BIG one! The sheep threatened to make me walk the plank if I did not co-operate, so in the interest of not getting fired, I caved.

Work is under way as we speak to install the shopping cart- our update will be a little delayed this week while I get this under control. Wish me luck! I thought MAYbe the sheep would/should help me get this computer work done? I asked and this is what followed:

Um, Mom, can't you see we are tired and busy having a good nap???
We caaannnn't hear you....
La la la......
Anyone INSIDE want to help me out? Libby - nope.
Noodle- definitely not.
SO, guess that's my answer huh? Better get back to work! Just wait til they all want treats right? I might have an entire box of Fruit Loops myself- hope they stocked up this week.... bwaaahahahahaha!
More info to follow just as soon as we have the website all set to go- until then you can shop and browse the website, the cart will not be visible yet.... Toodles!