Thursday, November 11, 2010

Did Sweet Little Emma Sheep Spin THIS yarn????

Our Emma retired with us a few years back when her owner's health forced her to re-home her flock of sheep. Emma was her favorite and we soon learned why! She is a sweet girl who loves hugs, me AND of course- Fruit Loops!

Emma was sleepy when I took this photo- she looks all innocent doesn't she? However, she loves to design yarn- and she has a flair for 'magic'..... 

Emma had some 'help' with findings for this yarn. My Mom and her friends are secret shoppers for the sheep, always on the look out for yarn, fabric and goodies that work into our yarns. This yarn is a combination of techniques that I love to spin. Emma dyed up her pretty, soft soft fiber and had me spin a single ply of our 'snaggletooth' yarn (has loops). The second ply started out as a novelty yarn, long since out of 'style', over which she had me spin more ofher lovely fiber. Put them together and wa-laa- "Emma's Snaggletooth' yarn. Emmal also wants to be very clear- she does NOT have snaggleteeth! ;0)
Another of Emma's yarns, spun the same as the first, this time with a different novelty yarn involved- looks like little bows or flowers doesn't it?
This skein is called Shadowspun Emma!

The other sheep had to get in the snaggletooth designing too! This is a yarn they named 'Remix'. Again, a combo of snaggletooth and shadowspun handspun.

I LOVE finding new uses for found objets and am very hooked on spinning this type of yarn. Hope you will stop on by and see all the new yarn the sheep just added to the website- . Working on updates as we speak, plan to be done by tonight (Thurs 11/11)! 

Smooches from the sheep- specially Emma! 


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous yarns! She did a great job! and you too!!!!

Sandy & the sheep said...

thank you so much- and Emma sends you smooches!

Sandy & the sheep said...
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