Sunday, December 31, 2006

Now really, a PENGUIN on the FARM???

Yep, you heard right! A penguin really DID land here! ha! I got a deal on this little used wheel that is actually named a 'Penguin' spinning wheel, manufactured by Prairie's End Wood Crafts of Katy, Texas - how about THAT??

I love to spin on my old 'kick' spindle (left) but it takes some finagling and oomph--and patience which I don't always have lots of....

I have always wanted a Taos wheel so I could pedal AND spin from the quill--just like the old walking wheels, but better! Cost has kept me from justifying that one but this little Penguin is just the best!

Great for spinning bulky OR fine yarns--AND those great novelty yarns that have fun 'stuff' spun in that is too large to fit through the openings on my other wheels....

I see many fun afternoons spinning wool out with the sheep thanks to the light weight and snazzy carry handle on this wheel! Can't wait!

Gees, can you believe shearing is getting SO close?? Have to call our wonderful shearer to set up hair cuts for the poopsies in March! Bwwaaaaaa hahahahahahaha! Happy New Year everyone and thank you Frank and Claire for the Christmas Penguin!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

My Chale Bleu - the tale of the blues shawl!

Been a weird fall season around here, lots going on around us that led to a few 'blue days' believe it or not.... Hard to have those with all these smiley sheep around here but did manage to eke out a few! During one of those days, got the sweetest cheer up packages and holiday gifts from my good friends--some who did not even know I had the blues!

All the fiber I received had shades of blue--a variety of fibers that I plyed with beads, french novelty yarn and more!-- so I took a day to myself and spun them ALL! AND, amazingly, kept most for me myself and I! Never do that! The yarns include fiber from my good friend Carolyn, Lexi, James and Laurie--all dear people!

So, what is the plan you ask? I have a currently empty triangle loom that is begging for another weaving project! SO, the saga began with a few blue days, moved to a great day of spinning yarn that is amazing and beautiful (stories and friends involved long distance) and now, on to a beautiful crazy quilt style shawl--will post more pictures as the weaving progresses--promise! Never know what will come from a few blue days right?

We are having very weirdo wimpy winter weather here in WI but the sheep are enjoying being able to camp out at night-- they have sprouted some gorgeous wool and I can't believe shearing is technically right around the corner!! Hope all is well and will post tomorrow about my new spinning wheel--yes, another one!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Fleece on Earth!

As I sit here wondering where the heck another year has gone in my life, I can't help but feel blessed with our life and all of you who are part of it! We have made friends through our web business we never would have found--even though we may never see many of you face to face--and all of you are SO important to us--and the sheep!!

We hope all of you can look back at your year and see the good you have done for those around you, AND the great opportunities waiting for you in the new year ahead.

May all your holidays be merry, spent with those you love--and of course a little woolie!!!! Happy holidays from the Homestead..... (and thank you to my sister Jenny's dog Mason and our not so little any more Cosmo for modeling for this post!!) Cheers!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

It really is true--my little Southdowns CAN run!!

Trevor & Brinley are our little sweet pea Baby Doll Southdown twins. They are beyond cute (mainly the reason they are here!) and I just adore their smiley faces! They are always sure to cheer you up if you are having a blue day.....

These are their lamb pictures, they have not changed or grown much, just more muscled and round! This breed of sheep is popular in Europe. They are turned loose in the vinyards and orchards to keep weeds and brush trimmed--they are not tall enough to reach the fruit so are a perfect combination for clean areas. They also LOVE to eat windfall apples and fruit--we have several apple trees in the pasture they are in and they are always checking to see if one may have fallen when they were not watching.

We have to giggle at them, they are the most laid back sheep ever, very sleepy, sedate and thoughtful of what they should do next. They like to lay about and nap, and their short little stout legs do not like to move fast! They also have a funny habit of sitting on their hinders like dogs before they get up--almost like they have to be sure the effort is worth it!

We always joke that they never run but yesterday, they proved us wrong--I saw them both, with my own eyes galloping about and chasing the other sheep around the old pig barn..... Way too funny--they don't go fast but they get where they are going--gotta like that!

Hope you all are having happy holidays, watch for new posts of roving, yarn and fiber coming soon!!!