Saturday, December 30, 2006

My Chale Bleu - the tale of the blues shawl!

Been a weird fall season around here, lots going on around us that led to a few 'blue days' believe it or not.... Hard to have those with all these smiley sheep around here but did manage to eke out a few! During one of those days, got the sweetest cheer up packages and holiday gifts from my good friends--some who did not even know I had the blues!

All the fiber I received had shades of blue--a variety of fibers that I plyed with beads, french novelty yarn and more!-- so I took a day to myself and spun them ALL! AND, amazingly, kept most for me myself and I! Never do that! The yarns include fiber from my good friend Carolyn, Lexi, James and Laurie--all dear people!

So, what is the plan you ask? I have a currently empty triangle loom that is begging for another weaving project! SO, the saga began with a few blue days, moved to a great day of spinning yarn that is amazing and beautiful (stories and friends involved long distance) and now, on to a beautiful crazy quilt style shawl--will post more pictures as the weaving progresses--promise! Never know what will come from a few blue days right?

We are having very weirdo wimpy winter weather here in WI but the sheep are enjoying being able to camp out at night-- they have sprouted some gorgeous wool and I can't believe shearing is technically right around the corner!! Hope all is well and will post tomorrow about my new spinning wheel--yes, another one!

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