Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy weekend y'all!

Arthur our sassy Shetland needs your help- and he THINKS you will help!! We are looking into ordering jackets for them today- he says no no no!! I say yes yes yes! They don't listen to me when I ask them nicely to keep their fleeces clean so that's the fact jack. Mom wins! Going to get the goats and small sheep jackets this year, and work on the rest of the sheep too. Looking forward to better fleeces, and jackets that won't be able to be shredded- tee hee- they only THINK they can best me right? ha! (We'll see)
Promise to self: NEVER let my yarn get ahead of me again. I spent the better part of a week taking photos and loading the new yarn on the website? Shame on me. Sure is fun to see it all 'out there' though so if you have time, have a look ok?
I am off to have a knitting sleep over with mom tonight so the men are manning the farm til tomorrow when I get back. (eek) Will be updating the site and etsy again by Wednesday- but in the meantime, you never know when a sneaky update might make its way on either one- I added a few Crazy Quilt batts the other day- bwaaahahahahaha! Better keep an eye on the sheep- and happy fibery weekend all! Smooches from the sassy sheep!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

What is a horse.....?

A horse is an indescribable champion, inside or out of an arena or show. He never questions happy, tears or the need for a hug- and a good snuffle of that ever wonderful 'horse smell'. Strangley comforting and never overrated....
Our horse is Monte- he is a good friend not only to his people peeps, but his sheep too- specially our little Piper sheep....
He survived a trip to America from Australia, a brand on his hip, landing eventually with a polo group that did not treat him well. He came to us at the age of approximately 15- sad, sore and amazingly, never holding a grudge for what had gone before.
He loved to play, specially with popped beach toys- you know, the ones we all had as kids- til we popped them? The big difference was Monte figured out quickly that if he flipped it around and shook it, it was SCARY OOGIE BOOGIE to the others! What could be more fun??
His best friend for life was my horse Crissy, who left us about 5 years ago. He has since befriended our honkey donkey Casper- who rescued Monte from the despair of losing Crissy.
SO, what is a horse? It is you Monte, never giving up, taking everything in stride. I only hope I can mirror some of your charm, being a good friend, family and living my life the best I can. I cannot imagine how I will do this without you my friend. My only little bit of solace is I can let you free from your pain, and send you up to find my Crissy, and all my little sheep angels. Please keep them safe and remind them how much I love and miss them.... always.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Always remember...

No pictures today, or goofy stories, just remembering this day that seems like it is still yesterday- September 11. I can remember that entire day, exactly where I was, what I was doing when those mighty towers fell and so many lives destroyed. I really cannot find words to adequately tell how deeply this affected me- all the brave people involved that may never recover- families and rescuers alike- you have my thoughts, not just today, but always. I wish that you find peace some day. We all should never forget that day and all it brought to our lives. Even though I was not there in person, my soul was- I promise to never forget all you did, all you lost.....

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Updates and ramblings!

Good eeeeevening! I vant to show you fiber..... mwaaahahhaha! Geesalou, been a loooong day- can you tell? ha! The sheep stayed up late tonight, or should I say late WORKING, to update the website AND etsy! Yey sheeps- bet they will sleep late tomorrow? Doubt it!
Top picture is the first of the Mohair (Angora goatie) fiber we have to offer from our friends Mary & Joseph's flock. (really really-that is their name!) The fiber in the picture is from their papa goat and started out 'life' as a silvery white fleece. THEN the sheep happened and that was all she wrote.... ;0) They sure come up with some great color ways!
This is another Coopworth wool selection- Fade to Fall....

Our Romney clan's wool, blended at the Argyle Fiber Mill with huacaya & suri alpaca from Jenny's happy flock. And again, the sheep got happy and dyed it all up! Sweet Potato!

And last but not least, our Baab Hope has his fiber sorted out and listed on the website too. He is such a sweet sheep (I say that alot, but it really is true!). He arrived as a bottle lamb and has grown into this beautiful, elegant Lincoln/Romney cross sheep. The only black spot on his body is the little beauty mark above his mouth on the left side-- I LOVE this picture of Baab.

Baab's wool features 4+ inch locks, very minor debris to remove, soft/medium to touch, a bit of shine- AND easy to wash, dye and blend..... Can't go wrong!
We did a little rearranging on the site (fall cleaning?) so be sure to check around for the new drop down menu choices. I think seperating the fibers to some of their own pages is making it easier to browse with out being so overwhelmed? Hope so anyway! Working on yarn this week so will be updating pages, adding new yarn to both Etsy and the Site- and we are always happy to combine orders if you shop both ok? Just email the sheep and we will get it all set to go! Manana sheeples!
PS! Don't forget our sheepy knit/sew along for the shirtless UK chicks ok? CHICKENS you naughties! The sheep just cast on chicken jumper #5! (info in blog update August 24- or email for info ok?)

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Scotch Mule Fleeces featured in Spin Off Magazine!!

Hooray for Graham and Margaret of Little Dale farm! Their Scotch Mule sheep were featured in the new issue of Spin Off- gorgeous pictures and Carol Rhoades did a wonderful job describing the fleeces and I love her projects! We are lucky to be able to purchase Graham & Margaret's fleeces each spring- and we are sorting the Scotch Mule fleeces right now to get them ready to sell. I am putting together a list of people to sort for- and wool will be sold first come first served- in order of email received by the sheep. You can email us through the site or via ryan3 at tds dot com. We have a limited amount of this wool so don't miss out, this is gorgeous wool!!
The Mule sheep pictured here is our own little Brenden- we purchased him from Graham & Margaret several years ago- and he is a smooch! This is not Brenden's wool for sale though- it is all from his family....
Hope you are all enjoying your week- almost a long weekend- with lots of fiber involved??? Look forward to hearing from you and thanks for stopping by!
(PS- you have seen this wool in the past on our site listed as Scotch Mule or Blue Face Leicester x)