Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy weekend y'all!

Arthur our sassy Shetland needs your help- and he THINKS you will help!! We are looking into ordering jackets for them today- he says no no no!! I say yes yes yes! They don't listen to me when I ask them nicely to keep their fleeces clean so that's the fact jack. Mom wins! Going to get the goats and small sheep jackets this year, and work on the rest of the sheep too. Looking forward to better fleeces, and jackets that won't be able to be shredded- tee hee- they only THINK they can best me right? ha! (We'll see)
Promise to self: NEVER let my yarn get ahead of me again. I spent the better part of a week taking photos and loading the new yarn on the website? Shame on me. Sure is fun to see it all 'out there' though so if you have time, have a look ok?
I am off to have a knitting sleep over with mom tonight so the men are manning the farm til tomorrow when I get back. (eek) Will be updating the site and etsy again by Wednesday- but in the meantime, you never know when a sneaky update might make its way on either one- I added a few Crazy Quilt batts the other day- bwaaahahahahaha! Better keep an eye on the sheep- and happy fibery weekend all! Smooches from the sassy sheep!


The Hatdiva said...

Those crazy shetlands! I met some over the weekend at oregon Flock & Fiber. They were L-O-U-D! But really, like big overgrown labrador puppies, so friendly. Either that or they were trying to con me into letting them out of their pen! Coats= excellent!

Sandy & the sheep said...

Hi Sayra! I bet those Shetlands you met were indeed trying to con you into opening a gate for them!! They are such peanuts! Too smart for their own good though.... Coats arrived yesterday (the first wave anyway) so planning to jacket a few up next weekend.... Hooray! Hugs to you! San