Thursday, September 03, 2009

Scotch Mule Fleeces featured in Spin Off Magazine!!

Hooray for Graham and Margaret of Little Dale farm! Their Scotch Mule sheep were featured in the new issue of Spin Off- gorgeous pictures and Carol Rhoades did a wonderful job describing the fleeces and I love her projects! We are lucky to be able to purchase Graham & Margaret's fleeces each spring- and we are sorting the Scotch Mule fleeces right now to get them ready to sell. I am putting together a list of people to sort for- and wool will be sold first come first served- in order of email received by the sheep. You can email us through the site or via ryan3 at tds dot com. We have a limited amount of this wool so don't miss out, this is gorgeous wool!!
The Mule sheep pictured here is our own little Brenden- we purchased him from Graham & Margaret several years ago- and he is a smooch! This is not Brenden's wool for sale though- it is all from his family....
Hope you are all enjoying your week- almost a long weekend- with lots of fiber involved??? Look forward to hearing from you and thanks for stopping by!
(PS- you have seen this wool in the past on our site listed as Scotch Mule or Blue Face Leicester x)

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