Thursday, September 17, 2009

What is a horse.....?

A horse is an indescribable champion, inside or out of an arena or show. He never questions happy, tears or the need for a hug- and a good snuffle of that ever wonderful 'horse smell'. Strangley comforting and never overrated....
Our horse is Monte- he is a good friend not only to his people peeps, but his sheep too- specially our little Piper sheep....
He survived a trip to America from Australia, a brand on his hip, landing eventually with a polo group that did not treat him well. He came to us at the age of approximately 15- sad, sore and amazingly, never holding a grudge for what had gone before.
He loved to play, specially with popped beach toys- you know, the ones we all had as kids- til we popped them? The big difference was Monte figured out quickly that if he flipped it around and shook it, it was SCARY OOGIE BOOGIE to the others! What could be more fun??
His best friend for life was my horse Crissy, who left us about 5 years ago. He has since befriended our honkey donkey Casper- who rescued Monte from the despair of losing Crissy.
SO, what is a horse? It is you Monte, never giving up, taking everything in stride. I only hope I can mirror some of your charm, being a good friend, family and living my life the best I can. I cannot imagine how I will do this without you my friend. My only little bit of solace is I can let you free from your pain, and send you up to find my Crissy, and all my little sheep angels. Please keep them safe and remind them how much I love and miss them.... always.


Taos Sunflower said...

Oh Sandy...I'm SO sad for you. What a beautiful tribute. LOve you lots, wish I was there with you.

Sandy & the sheep said...

Thank you so much Martie! I have been missing Monte all summer knowing this would need to be in the fall. Sometimes those hearts just don't know when to quit you know? Love you too- and you are here in spirit- thank you

Sharon B in SA said...

Heartfelt love and sympathy to you Sandy for your loss of Monte.
What a indescribably beautiful tribute you have written to him. I am sure he is very proud to tell the others where he is now that he got to live with you and share your lives together.
Sending comforting hugs to you and your family.

Sandy & the sheep said...

Hi Sharon- thank you for your kind words for Monte- he was such a smooch. It is going to get easier to remember all the good times I know, but I struggle so much through each one that leaves me.... ugh. I am selfish wanting them to stay! ;0)