Friday, April 27, 2007

A Son's Take on Breast Cancer Fund Raising :0)

This is our wonderful son Ross, who spends his days between learning to program gaming computers and taking care of our family business. He is the sheep's appointed 'Shipping Manager', using trailers and wheelbarrows to cart your orders and boxes into town to mail them on their way.

He is 19, wonderful and we are blessed! My niece is a few months older than Ross and attending NIU nursing school in IL. She was involved in a fundraiser for BC research--the shirt you see proudly modelled here by Ross is the item they sold to raise money! It says 'save the boobies' and has the flagship pink ribbon for BC awareness pictured too.

I was silly, only ordered ONE shirt, never thinking the guys here would think it was SO fun! SO, here is son number one, with shirt one and only--and being quite the mug! What a hoot!!

No babies for Athena yet for those who might be wondering, she and her two friends Fancy & Chanel are due mid May, we hope sooner though, poor girls are quite BIG. Ugh! Keep telling them, last time and no more, AND they get to keep these babies forever! :0)

We will be holding the April BC drawing this weekend so keep your eyes peeled for the winners! I think we will be running one more in May, then donating the proceeds to my sisters. Then we will continue our 'tribute' items, that will have the entire amount donated to Avon after that. We will probably hold fall raffles though to benefit them--and Hospice, who has taken good care of our Claire (my mother in law) as she battles her own cancer.... See the site for more info and off I go--the sheep are fussing and having fits--waiting to get out on the new grass for the morning!!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Web Update set for Monday--promise!

OK, have to admit, the weather was just too much to resist! And the pictures can say just how tough it gets around here--for those of us so easily amused anyway! The pot belly pigs are our Peanut & Pal--and Libby (our deaf BC) spends most of her time stalking them. She learned very early on to keep a 'safe' distance--she has drawn her 'line' at the back patio, but occasionally, the pigs have stormed her fort! They only come that close if it is time for supper or breakfast and on those occasions, my brave dog heads for the house as fast as she can! She just about knocks us over to get in the door!

The pigs are wonderful lawn mowers so they were taking a break to sun in the wonderful weather we have had the past two days. Too too cute! I did get a bunch of fleeces sorted yesterday but tired out and spent most of my day today packing up boxes for tomorrow AND spinning up some great new yarn! Wheeee!

We will be launching a new line of yarns soon so stop by often to see the latest in sheepy fashion!! I will be updating the web again tomorrow, along with our new Etsy shop so be sure to check them both out. We now have our 3 Chic Knit hand knit/woven items available both on our site AND at Etsy--and our Etsy shop features lots of fun items that I have come across in my travels that I knew should find fun new homes! Never a dull moment, now I am off to park on the couch with the dogs and knit for charity! One stitch at a time, just like the new book Barbara sent me (hugs to you!) that is called Knitting for Peace. If you don't already have it, it is a favorite on the sheepy list!! Happy Sunday!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Fiber Update--carumba!!

Well, finally stopped playing and spinning yarn to get the website updated--at least with new washed and dyed wool!! Lots of new goodies so be sure to check them out!

If all goes well, am planning an afternoon of wool sorting in the SUN tomorrow and getting new fleeces on the site Sunday. Also have a yarn update in the works so keep an eye on the sheep, they are getting back in gear! (or at least their secretary is?) ha!

Well, it finally happened, the day came and my Sunny lambiekin knows he is faster than me! Well, it really does not take too much, I don't run too fast any more.... I went out on my 'lunch break' to play with the sheep and smooch them up. Got the lamb out for a romp in the yard and walked about seeing our new flowers showing their faces. After getting into the back patio and terrifying Libby (the deaf BC who has decided lambs do NOT belong in her house OR yard!), I got him back out (you know he still thinks the house is home....) and started back to the barn and his new mama--Kelly.

Kelly was calling him and I opened the gate, that lamb looked up and took off, he is not too fast and is still quite clumsy but I am sure we presented quite a melee as I chased him through the barn to get him back home! Little stinker KNOWS how slow mom is now so I am doomed! I could hardly walk it was so funny to see the whole idea dawn on his little mind!

SO, was wishing for a video camera and I bet the sheep will be sharing THAT story and many giggles over their camp fire tonight!!!! (And the sad thing is, I did ALL that while eating a creamsicle!!! :0) -and didn't lose a drop!) bwaaahahahahaha!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Do you see what I see???? :0)

First, my little Sunshine lamb doesn't need me any more--waaaah! :0) He is living outside full time now with our Kelly, who loves to head up our 'nursery'. Sunshine was getting a little too sneaky to stay inside, even for nights. He found out how to v-e-r-y quietly jump out of the play pen and have parties all night long! It was amazing how quiet he was, but once he galloped through the kitchen on the linoleum, game over! I would come down to see what he was up to, and he would be standing on the bottom of our stairs looking up like, hmmmm, how do you like me now? No parents allowed in THIS lamb's party!

SO, after several nights of the lambie wildness, out he went--he had already been spending day time with Kelly. Now he gives me the cold shoulder, like hey, what do YOU want now? Pretty funny how quickly they get so independent huh???

AND, we have new adventures on the horizon--Ross' new sheep Athena is a Cotswold girl who is older and is retired from her home flock--and oops, they put her in with their ram before she got sent to us. Ugh. SO, one more time for poor Athena, can you see the lamb in her belly shot? I can see them kicking, I am betting on twins.... what do you think??

I updated our Etsy shop so take a look for fun things and also have a new Crazy Quilt shawl on the site today. Busy busy catching up so be sure to sign up for the sheep's fan club update on the site!! Happy fiber weekend to all!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Finally- Here is the April Yarn Raffle!! Yey!

I can't tell you all how much we appreciate your patience! This has been a bit of a trying time for both sides of our family--and we thank you!

This will be April's Yarn Raffle, and again, thank you to Carolyn, Holly and our sheep for such fun yarn! Carolyn and Holly are my long distance spinning friends and generously donated several skeins of yarn to this month's raffle! Thank you SO much!

SO, please have a visit to our site for more info on the Avon page and see what goodness awaits! We also have a fiber raffle with some gorgeous Suri Alpaca (naturally colored too!) and Cotswold wool pindraft roving--don't miss out!

We are sorting through fleeces as fast as the weather allows--we were with out power most of today so now I am just resigned to being perpetually behind I think! ha! We have a winter storm and our naked sheeps are NOT happy! They were sheared last week and the weather has just been mean! We are so greatful for our warm old barns! Otherwise, trying to keep up, have more unwashed wool on the site today, yarn and of course the raffle! Will be adding more unwashed fiber soon so be sure to add yourself to the sheepy fan club on the site--a new feature so we can notify you when we have added new items, and it is just as easy to join as take yourself off the list if you get tired of the sheepy emails! Thank you again, all of you, we have raised over $600 so far for the Avon walk and we are thrilled!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Cute Poopsies looking for their forever homes!

Our friend Kati is fostering some very sweet dogs--what great pictures huh? They are waiting patiently for their new forever homes and if you know of someone, please contact us for Kati's email address. The first picture is Theo, a Walker hound and it looks like he MUST be a snuggle butt for sure!

This is Jessie, the Blue Tick Hound, what a mug! Oh so tempting!!

And last but not least, this is a picture of Kati's dog Tulip and a Red Bone Hound named Reba --again, all special pups waiting for their special someone! Can you help? Please contact us for more information--strict adoption rules do apply to insure their happy future....

Working on sorting fleeces so will be updating yarn, unwashed wool and more tonight--and the yarn raffle!! Busy day so best get to it! Happy fiber art!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Where oh where has my lambie done gone???

Hi all! I am home, well fed and happy to have spent the day with my family! Mom looks WONDERFUL as always and it was great to chat with Dad and my sisters and family.... SO, now I am back to work--did not know if I ever shared a picture of our little cottage farm house? It is the sweetest house, built in the mid 1800's and was much much smaller when it was first built! There have been add ons as the families grew and it stayed mainly in one family since 1955. Ida had a very difficult time moving to town but is now happy there in her new/old bungalow--all remodelled by her wonderful kids! She is a peach! I am working on researching (in my free time-ha!) the history of this place and it is going slow, but have some fun info I will write up on a later visit with you all....

My little Sunshine lamb has moved to the barn this evening, it is just too warm in the house, not to mention boring for him, now that he is a whopping month old! SO, our old girl Kelly (who you can read about on our site) has been a little down in the dumps since shearing on Tuesday--we moved her 'babies' (bottle lambs from last year) on to the next pasture beside hers and she misses her Brenna. They were just being too rough and tumble for poor Kelly so it was time, and then time to move Sunny out to keep her company and happy. She really fades before our eyes if she doesn't have a lamb to watch over so we are hoping she will perk up and be happy again. She is VERY old and I am just too sad to see HER sad! SO, I am in here fussing, sneaking out to the barn and missing my lambie for sure. He is ready to be a lamb and my friend Kathi always tells me, every time I cry missing them (really I do cry!) that I have 'done my job well' when they do head out to be sheep and are healthy and happy. Wah!

Tomorrow is supposed to not be windy AND warmer so planning a big wool sorting day before the rains/ice come back Tues/Wed--so watch for new updates! More yarn also--and the yarn raffle for April. Hope you are all well, and got to spend time with your families--hug everyone you love dearly!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

April Fiber Raffle Up and Ready!!

Well, I am finally catching back up on things! Hooray right?? Our April fiber raffle is on the site and we will be posting the yarn raffle for April by Monday--so keep an eye out! Lots of goodies for all you generous people we love!!

This raffle includes our special pin drafted roving, created from hand dyed Cotswold wool and during carding Shari added in some pearly white 'angel hair' firestar! I have spun some of this fiber myself and it is gorgeous! There are 1 pound 8 ounces included in the raffle.

I am also including 8 ounces of scrumptious washed Suri Alpaca locks--from my friend Jenny's rescue flock. The fiber is beautiful and ready to spin or felt!

Again, we appreciate all your generosity, the sheep are SO happy with how this breast cancer fun is advancing--to date you have all helped us raise $594!!!! Thank you SO so much!

Just added lots of new dyed and washed fiber so be sure to take a look! There will be a yarn update and the yarn raffle on Monday.... Happy Easter!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Carrots for Checkers and Bob!!

I know sometimes we must seem like Charity central but we truly believe in doing good in our lives and love to help others doing good too! Many of you may remember our former designated charity? The group OohMahNee rescue that brought us 12 wonderful sheep? Unfortunately shortly after Katrina, they had to close their doors but before doing so had done remarkable work re-homing injured or neglected farm animals.... We have finally found our new designated charity and our 3 Chic Knits and the sheep will be donating from each purchase of finished hand knit/woven items on our website page to help support the long term residents at Wisconsin's Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation (MHWF)!

Our regular 3 Chick knit/woven offerings are now showcased in our Etsy shop--our favorite Independent Artist forum. The items listed on our website 3 Chic page will be sold and 50% of the proceeds donated to Checkers, Bob and their friends at MHWF-in the buyer's name. For more about Checkers and Bob, please visit our page on the website. You can purchase from us to donate, OR go right to their site to donate there... (Ross & I are hoping to adopt Checkers & Bob at some point--just don't tell Jim--hee hee!)

There are more pictures, stories of available adoptions and just a bunch of great people doing phenomenal work to find the horses forever homes. We have donated to date $22.50 and are just getting started!! Thank you Martie!!

We will be posting the new Breast Cancer raffles today or tomorrow so be sure to visit again and/or join our email 'notify' list so you can see all the goodies up for grabs this month! Thank you all again for being so generous and for loving our critters as much as we do!!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

And the March Winners Are...... drumroll paleese!

Thank you all for your patience! We have had some family issues AND sheep shearing this week-- that prevented us from drawing the March winners of our fiber and yarn Breast Cancer walk drawings on time.... Thanks to all of you again, from our very heart and soul, you have helped the sheep raise $544 to date!

The Yarn Raffle winner for March is Jen Whalen of Pittsburgh, PA and the Fiber Raffle winner for March is Oneida Scofield of Monroe, Wisconsin. Thank you all for participating and a fun gift from the sheep is on its way to each of you soon as a thank you! Wheeeee!

Hope you are all having a wonderful week and again, thank you for your patience as we get caught back up!

I will be posting the new April raffles tomorrow so check back--also will be posting new fleeces so be sure to add your name to our new email list for website updates!!!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Eek, it is going to RAIN on our parade!

What the heck??? Yep, severe storms are pending for our evening so please bear with us--the raffle results will be posted later tonight-- we are currently running around like a bunch of goons trying to get the sheep in the barn for the night. Ugh! They are NOT happy but we are happier with dry sheep to shear tomorrow for sure! We win! ha! (until we have to fix all the places they spend their night head butting out of sheer boredom of course! )

SO, more later this evening and thank you to miss Olivia (aka Livi) my sister's Great Dane mix who is so aptly portraying our day!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Fiber fiber and MORE fiber!

Hello all, hope you are having a great fibery/yarny weekend! Gloomy and rainy here so a great time to sit and spin--hee hee! The sheep just added on tons of new color ways of dyed fiber, washed Alpaca fleece and roving galore! Be sure to check out the new, unique blends they are coming up with! I will be adding new yarn and MORE fiber this week so keep an eye out!

If you would like to receive our update emails, please be sure to add your name to our list- there is a new button at the right side of our website that makes it a snap! You can unsubscribe any time if we send you too many and you want to wring our necks--ha!

We will be drawing the raffle winners tonight so will have that info out for you asap! Thank you all for your generosity, the sheep have great raffle ideas in store for April too!!

We are shearing on Tuesday (yey) so please bear with us as we get through this week--it is hectic to say the least and we will most likely be mailing new orders out on Wednesday or Thursday. Happy creative day to all!!