Saturday, April 14, 2007

Do you see what I see???? :0)

First, my little Sunshine lamb doesn't need me any more--waaaah! :0) He is living outside full time now with our Kelly, who loves to head up our 'nursery'. Sunshine was getting a little too sneaky to stay inside, even for nights. He found out how to v-e-r-y quietly jump out of the play pen and have parties all night long! It was amazing how quiet he was, but once he galloped through the kitchen on the linoleum, game over! I would come down to see what he was up to, and he would be standing on the bottom of our stairs looking up like, hmmmm, how do you like me now? No parents allowed in THIS lamb's party!

SO, after several nights of the lambie wildness, out he went--he had already been spending day time with Kelly. Now he gives me the cold shoulder, like hey, what do YOU want now? Pretty funny how quickly they get so independent huh???

AND, we have new adventures on the horizon--Ross' new sheep Athena is a Cotswold girl who is older and is retired from her home flock--and oops, they put her in with their ram before she got sent to us. Ugh. SO, one more time for poor Athena, can you see the lamb in her belly shot? I can see them kicking, I am betting on twins.... what do you think??

I updated our Etsy shop so take a look for fun things and also have a new Crazy Quilt shawl on the site today. Busy busy catching up so be sure to sign up for the sheep's fan club update on the site!! Happy fiber weekend to all!!

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weetsie said...

Having just been pregnant I so feel for her with the "I can see them kicking" comment! Ouch! But congrats on a new cutie pie lamb (or two) coming your way soon!
Erica D