Friday, April 06, 2007

Carrots for Checkers and Bob!!

I know sometimes we must seem like Charity central but we truly believe in doing good in our lives and love to help others doing good too! Many of you may remember our former designated charity? The group OohMahNee rescue that brought us 12 wonderful sheep? Unfortunately shortly after Katrina, they had to close their doors but before doing so had done remarkable work re-homing injured or neglected farm animals.... We have finally found our new designated charity and our 3 Chic Knits and the sheep will be donating from each purchase of finished hand knit/woven items on our website page to help support the long term residents at Wisconsin's Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation (MHWF)!

Our regular 3 Chick knit/woven offerings are now showcased in our Etsy shop--our favorite Independent Artist forum. The items listed on our website 3 Chic page will be sold and 50% of the proceeds donated to Checkers, Bob and their friends at MHWF-in the buyer's name. For more about Checkers and Bob, please visit our page on the website. You can purchase from us to donate, OR go right to their site to donate there... (Ross & I are hoping to adopt Checkers & Bob at some point--just don't tell Jim--hee hee!)

There are more pictures, stories of available adoptions and just a bunch of great people doing phenomenal work to find the horses forever homes. We have donated to date $22.50 and are just getting started!! Thank you Martie!!

We will be posting the new Breast Cancer raffles today or tomorrow so be sure to visit again and/or join our email 'notify' list so you can see all the goodies up for grabs this month! Thank you all again for being so generous and for loving our critters as much as we do!!

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holly said...

oh no! they had to close!! how sad!