Sunday, April 22, 2007

Web Update set for Monday--promise!

OK, have to admit, the weather was just too much to resist! And the pictures can say just how tough it gets around here--for those of us so easily amused anyway! The pot belly pigs are our Peanut & Pal--and Libby (our deaf BC) spends most of her time stalking them. She learned very early on to keep a 'safe' distance--she has drawn her 'line' at the back patio, but occasionally, the pigs have stormed her fort! They only come that close if it is time for supper or breakfast and on those occasions, my brave dog heads for the house as fast as she can! She just about knocks us over to get in the door!

The pigs are wonderful lawn mowers so they were taking a break to sun in the wonderful weather we have had the past two days. Too too cute! I did get a bunch of fleeces sorted yesterday but tired out and spent most of my day today packing up boxes for tomorrow AND spinning up some great new yarn! Wheeee!

We will be launching a new line of yarns soon so stop by often to see the latest in sheepy fashion!! I will be updating the web again tomorrow, along with our new Etsy shop so be sure to check them both out. We now have our 3 Chic Knit hand knit/woven items available both on our site AND at Etsy--and our Etsy shop features lots of fun items that I have come across in my travels that I knew should find fun new homes! Never a dull moment, now I am off to park on the couch with the dogs and knit for charity! One stitch at a time, just like the new book Barbara sent me (hugs to you!) that is called Knitting for Peace. If you don't already have it, it is a favorite on the sheepy list!! Happy Sunday!

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