Saturday, January 31, 2009

Knitter's block?

Well, I hope that Moose took over my knitting bag with good idea intentions! Moose is a dude with a tude for sure, he likes his space and has no qualms about using his teeth. For real or not--I keep telling him that is NOT a very nice smile and his face would freeze like that. Not sure why he still doesn't believe me? However, even though as a 4 week old 'chihuaha mix' in the rescue I was working with, bad attitude aside, he decided I was his and that is how life went. We could not in good conscience adopt him out after his 'naughtiness'. He has not mellowed much with age, is almost always good, and I adore him. He is my shadow and has been for about 15 years now. He has some health issues that truly bother me more than him--but that is par for my course and part of my 'infinite charm'- hahaha!
I generally have no less than four projects on the needles--and today? Not a one??? With all this fun yarn, and things to knit? What is the MATTER with me?? On the other hand, mom is knitting away, just got one of her awesome shawls in the mail for finishing today.... too fun! And THIS one is going far way for one of her best friends..... yey mom! Any ideas appreciated Moose man!
OH, and of course THIS has nothing to do with my lack of ideas right? :0) Welcome to the family a bottle lamb from Thompson's happy flock. I think we are calling him Sprinkles but not sure yet. As you can see in the picture above, he says my problems are not his fault AT all--who me? His mama took good care of him but he was born with his front teeth (sheep only get them in the front on the lower jaw) and she would not let him eat--I can hardly blame her--and I have never seen a lamb born with his front teeth? Geesalou! Bet his mama misses him too. What a sweet baby--and in for a long few months scampering about the house in diapers.... (I say yahooo!)

Happy weekend everyone, time to get off my hinder to get the update situated--lots of fiber 'brewing' so if it is all dry and ready for pictures tomorrow, will update later in the day. Will keep you posted, off to rock my lambie to sleep!

Friday, January 23, 2009

More critter fun!

Still not a lot of words but LOTS of new pictures! Top picture is our Devlyn, Scottish Black Face--handsome fellow!
Cosmo, mysterioso Romney x.....
Rudy- Romney x stylin' for the camera....

Happy the Romney/Lincoln x, catching a nap! Don't forget to browse our update--was a big 'un! Cheerio--er Fruit Loops! :0)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sheep a batt a palooza! Update ready for browsing!

This was probably one of the biggerupdates the sheep and I have accomplished lately! I am almost out of words so letting the pictures do the talking! The first picture is our Angus' washed Shetland fleece.....

Faith's unwashed Romney x fleece......

Dyed cocoa Llama fiber........

Firecracker batt.....

Savanna's single ply and 'matching' crazy quilt yarn....

Oh yeah, Dalai Llama says to tell you, 'he's too sexy for his fleece'..... tee heee! Toodles!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Blizzard Update ready!

This is our sheep Bettis--he spent his time this week (well some of it) washing and dyeing up his beautiful Icelandic/Merino cross fleece! Bettis arrived with a group of 11 other sheep a few years back. They were part of a very large (150 sheep) rescue in Pittsburgh PA. The flock belonged to people who loved them, and started out with about 20 sheep--and blossomed into way too many, way too fast. They were good to let the rescue assume the flock and most of the sheep did find homes in WI--yey!
Bettis is still shy, he was the most scared of the group when they got here--we named all of them with Pittsburgh or PA related names--there for, Bettis. You know, Jerome Bettis-the bus? We figured as wild as our Bettis was when he arrived, if he bonked you with that set of horns, it WOULD be like being hit by a bus!! He has settled down SO much, he will sneak an apple treat, then take off for the hills so to speak til he is ready for another. The PA group is very close and will always be a family. They are so sweet. Bettis' fleece is soft like Merino, longer like Icelandic but does have some soft kempy hairs too--I have never removed them to spin and the yarn is gorgeous..... This is just one colorway from Bettis so be sure to check the other out too!

And here is some lash yarn that was SO good for me in this wacky weather-- the sheep dyed up some Cotswold lamb locks in these bright, almost eye popping colors. I spun them into a pretty yarn that would be a great skinny scarf, trim for your next project or as part of a felted art piece? Let these bright sunny colors cure the 40 below 0 blues!!

And last but not least, I warned everyone that I was after some of our new Jordan Valley Millspunyarn--to plunk in the dyepot! And here it is! I started out with 7 skeins of the fawn/light DK weight alpaca two ply--there is still more available undyed too-- and rainbow dyed the skeins all in one dye pot. Wa-la, enough for a larger project! The skeins will vary a little because of the loosey goosey dye procedure your sheep friends often employ (hee hee). This is a very comforting, cozy bunch of soft, alpaca yarn--from Jenny's happy flock of alpacas and llamas!
Lots of variety in our blizzard update, and it will even 'snow over' to the weekend-- I needed some more time to card batts but since the weather is SO cold, am spending more time outside than usual. SO, only job for the weekend update is a batt a palooza! More soon, look forward to hearing from you--hope the weather is being kind in your part of the world!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sneak a peek!

Baby it's cold out there! Eek! Not a critter in sight today that is for sure--they are all camped inside--and that is a rare day. (I am too sort of-in between water checks and such!) We are working away on the update, hope to have it done later today but will most likely be tomorrow morning after chores.... thanks for your patience!
We have gone a little batty! hahaha! No really--could happen very easily with the windchill of 40 below??? There will be lots of dyed, washed fiber and batts on this update- some of our Abi's Romney batts and a few more of Gilmore's.

And more lash yarn--I love spinning this yarn--so soft and pretty, it is great for trim, scarves or?? A great yarn for letting your imagination run amok! Hope you are all warm, happy and fibering!! More soon!

Friday, January 09, 2009

This drives me straight up the barn wall!!

Well, anyone out there not enjoying winter wonderland like we are here (??), this is the scene--and it makes me crazy! This picture is from this morning, after we got another 4 inches of snow, on top of the inch or so of ice everywhere from last week's fun. These sheep have a nice snuggly warm barn to sleep in--you know, INSIDE??? What is UP with this? I do know they have some really looooong fleeces this year so imagine our next few months will be bitter cold judging by that--and now the weather man is predicting the temps not even getting to zero by mid week? Ugh and booo. However, the sheep seem not to care today..... oh to be a sheep--and have no worries! What a life!
This picture is from a few years ago--same deal, you can hardly see them and in the front is their dedicated Great Pyrenees Bobbi, who obviously wishes her sheep would stay in the BARN! After all isn't that what they are for???? Her brother Andrew was snuggled up in the group all warm and sleeping when I snapped this picture. Maybe it was just Bobbi's turn to be 'on guard'?

We will be updating the site late on Monday--have lots of cool wool dyed, washed and batts carded--too too fun! Have a few yarns to add in too so be sure to stop into our Jordan Valley paradise!! ha! Enjoy your weekend--hopefully with lots of fiber and/or yarn!!! Cheers!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Ta-daaaaaa! Update finito!

And away we go! The update is done for today--here are some pictures of the sheep's handiwork! Yarn that is so special I hate to let it go! Both of these yarns (Holly, James & Me 1 & 2) are created with gorgeous fiber dyed up by all three of us--best friends and fiber artists. My Holly is famous for her fiber wizardry, and you have seen yarns created with my friend James of Virginia in the past--he and I spin 'Franken Yarns'. This is very special yarn, the combined souls of three fiber artists--all they need is your karma to finish the circle to a completed project! More pictures available on the website so be sure to check them out!

This is our Holly & Mari--Holly arrived as one of our PA rescue sheep several years ago--she was pregnant when she arrived --wa-la--Mari! The first lamb ever born here! We rarely if ever have lambs born here since we do not let our sheep have babies so this was a special, and very stressful event -for me anyway! They are Merino cross sheep, Mari has grown into a beautiful girl. She and her mom are inseperable--just proving my belief that sheep WILL stay in their families their entire lives! They are mirror images of each other and we adore them!! There are several offerings on the batt page from Holly's wool so don't miss out!

Lots of fiber, batts, clouds and yarn on the site today so be sure to browse! We will also be adding new pictures of some of the sheep and llamas this week--will keep you posted! Happy Monday!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Update preview for Monday!

Our 'featured' sheep for this week's update is our shy little Gilmore sheep! And yes, the golf fans in the house named his best friend Happy--silly huh? Happy and Gilmore arrived as bottle babies some years ago and spent their first months scampering around the house in pampers--what fun! Gilmore is a very gorgeous Merino cross boy with a soft fleece, locks that are 4 inches long and just very minor debris remains to be removed. This could be a fleece for most anything and he has picked out some cheerful colors to dye it up--don't miss out! You can read more about Gilmore and his friends on our meet the sheep pages--they would love it if you stopped by!

And even more Monday fiber--Lots of fun Jacob wool, washed, dyed, more clouds from Happy & Jelly Bean and more! Be sure to have another visit and the sheep thank you for your patience!! Caio! (or as the sheep say- Chow!)

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Haaaaapy New Year!

Well, Hollyeqq would be SO proud of me! She might not KNOW this, but I rang, well SPUN in the New Year! She always has a spin in at her place and creates the most magical yarns! She sent me some beautiful fibers, including some felted 'lion's mane' , silk hankies and more. I added into the mix anything I felt like (no pun intended--really!) that was a bright, happy color, including torn silk scarves, fabric and Banana fiber! Whee and I know this is not the best picture but have to get it skeins up!

This is more of the yarnapalooza-- Shira, your yarn is almost done! Will be on its way to you tomorrow as promised!! The two ply is made up of Speedy's Romney x, alpaca, llama and Mari's Merino x--all natural colors. She is planning a sweater for herself so can't wait to see the results--I love the yarn so you can alway send it home!!! :0)
Last but not least, here is Abigail's Romney lash yarn--which will be showing up on the website soon! Have another bobbin done too, and am working on more fun yarn today-- the spin in continues!!
We will be updating the site this weekend so keep an eye out--the fiber is not dry enough for prime time yet so will keep you posted! Haaaapy New Year from the sheep--toodles!