Thursday, January 01, 2009

Haaaaapy New Year!

Well, Hollyeqq would be SO proud of me! She might not KNOW this, but I rang, well SPUN in the New Year! She always has a spin in at her place and creates the most magical yarns! She sent me some beautiful fibers, including some felted 'lion's mane' , silk hankies and more. I added into the mix anything I felt like (no pun intended--really!) that was a bright, happy color, including torn silk scarves, fabric and Banana fiber! Whee and I know this is not the best picture but have to get it skeins up!

This is more of the yarnapalooza-- Shira, your yarn is almost done! Will be on its way to you tomorrow as promised!! The two ply is made up of Speedy's Romney x, alpaca, llama and Mari's Merino x--all natural colors. She is planning a sweater for herself so can't wait to see the results--I love the yarn so you can alway send it home!!! :0)
Last but not least, here is Abigail's Romney lash yarn--which will be showing up on the website soon! Have another bobbin done too, and am working on more fun yarn today-- the spin in continues!!
We will be updating the site this weekend so keep an eye out--the fiber is not dry enough for prime time yet so will keep you posted! Haaaapy New Year from the sheep--toodles!

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HollyEQQ said...

Happy New Year my dahling!

Glad you got to spin it in! Out with the old and in with the new!
But don't tell the sheep or else you will be amok with spinning wheels out there.
Talk about straight off the sheeps hiney!