Monday, January 05, 2009

Ta-daaaaaa! Update finito!

And away we go! The update is done for today--here are some pictures of the sheep's handiwork! Yarn that is so special I hate to let it go! Both of these yarns (Holly, James & Me 1 & 2) are created with gorgeous fiber dyed up by all three of us--best friends and fiber artists. My Holly is famous for her fiber wizardry, and you have seen yarns created with my friend James of Virginia in the past--he and I spin 'Franken Yarns'. This is very special yarn, the combined souls of three fiber artists--all they need is your karma to finish the circle to a completed project! More pictures available on the website so be sure to check them out!

This is our Holly & Mari--Holly arrived as one of our PA rescue sheep several years ago--she was pregnant when she arrived --wa-la--Mari! The first lamb ever born here! We rarely if ever have lambs born here since we do not let our sheep have babies so this was a special, and very stressful event -for me anyway! They are Merino cross sheep, Mari has grown into a beautiful girl. She and her mom are inseperable--just proving my belief that sheep WILL stay in their families their entire lives! They are mirror images of each other and we adore them!! There are several offerings on the batt page from Holly's wool so don't miss out!

Lots of fiber, batts, clouds and yarn on the site today so be sure to browse! We will also be adding new pictures of some of the sheep and llamas this week--will keep you posted! Happy Monday!

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HollyEQQ said...

We must have been thinking of each other! I blogged about your Ruby this week! How funny is that?

Those yarns are soooo tempting. And soooo beautiful. Me likey long time!

And you best not tell the sheep that you are using MATERIAL in the yarns or they will go tear up all those coats they don't want to wear. Or at least Lazy Ass would! Mom can USE these in her yarns - better that than on my back!

Big hugs and a kiss to my favorite dog.