Friday, January 09, 2009

This drives me straight up the barn wall!!

Well, anyone out there not enjoying winter wonderland like we are here (??), this is the scene--and it makes me crazy! This picture is from this morning, after we got another 4 inches of snow, on top of the inch or so of ice everywhere from last week's fun. These sheep have a nice snuggly warm barn to sleep in--you know, INSIDE??? What is UP with this? I do know they have some really looooong fleeces this year so imagine our next few months will be bitter cold judging by that--and now the weather man is predicting the temps not even getting to zero by mid week? Ugh and booo. However, the sheep seem not to care today..... oh to be a sheep--and have no worries! What a life!
This picture is from a few years ago--same deal, you can hardly see them and in the front is their dedicated Great Pyrenees Bobbi, who obviously wishes her sheep would stay in the BARN! After all isn't that what they are for???? Her brother Andrew was snuggled up in the group all warm and sleeping when I snapped this picture. Maybe it was just Bobbi's turn to be 'on guard'?

We will be updating the site late on Monday--have lots of cool wool dyed, washed and batts carded--too too fun! Have a few yarns to add in too so be sure to stop into our Jordan Valley paradise!! ha! Enjoy your weekend--hopefully with lots of fiber and/or yarn!!! Cheers!

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