Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sneak a peek!

Baby it's cold out there! Eek! Not a critter in sight today that is for sure--they are all camped inside--and that is a rare day. (I am too sort of-in between water checks and such!) We are working away on the update, hope to have it done later today but will most likely be tomorrow morning after chores.... thanks for your patience!
We have gone a little batty! hahaha! No really--could happen very easily with the windchill of 40 below??? There will be lots of dyed, washed fiber and batts on this update- some of our Abi's Romney batts and a few more of Gilmore's.

And more lash yarn--I love spinning this yarn--so soft and pretty, it is great for trim, scarves or?? A great yarn for letting your imagination run amok! Hope you are all warm, happy and fibering!! More soon!

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primdollie said...

Oh yummy hope I can get those and got in there before anyone else!!! and yikes we are getting your yucky weather too now!! we are off school 2 days!! YIPPEE (yup that;s me being sad!!!) anyway stay warm sweetie!! and all the little sheepie dears!! oh and yes their other friends too!!! hugs love Linda