Saturday, January 31, 2009

Knitter's block?

Well, I hope that Moose took over my knitting bag with good idea intentions! Moose is a dude with a tude for sure, he likes his space and has no qualms about using his teeth. For real or not--I keep telling him that is NOT a very nice smile and his face would freeze like that. Not sure why he still doesn't believe me? However, even though as a 4 week old 'chihuaha mix' in the rescue I was working with, bad attitude aside, he decided I was his and that is how life went. We could not in good conscience adopt him out after his 'naughtiness'. He has not mellowed much with age, is almost always good, and I adore him. He is my shadow and has been for about 15 years now. He has some health issues that truly bother me more than him--but that is par for my course and part of my 'infinite charm'- hahaha!
I generally have no less than four projects on the needles--and today? Not a one??? With all this fun yarn, and things to knit? What is the MATTER with me?? On the other hand, mom is knitting away, just got one of her awesome shawls in the mail for finishing today.... too fun! And THIS one is going far way for one of her best friends..... yey mom! Any ideas appreciated Moose man!
OH, and of course THIS has nothing to do with my lack of ideas right? :0) Welcome to the family a bottle lamb from Thompson's happy flock. I think we are calling him Sprinkles but not sure yet. As you can see in the picture above, he says my problems are not his fault AT all--who me? His mama took good care of him but he was born with his front teeth (sheep only get them in the front on the lower jaw) and she would not let him eat--I can hardly blame her--and I have never seen a lamb born with his front teeth? Geesalou! Bet his mama misses him too. What a sweet baby--and in for a long few months scampering about the house in diapers.... (I say yahooo!)

Happy weekend everyone, time to get off my hinder to get the update situated--lots of fiber 'brewing' so if it is all dry and ready for pictures tomorrow, will update later in the day. Will keep you posted, off to rock my lambie to sleep!

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