Sunday, January 04, 2009

Update preview for Monday!

Our 'featured' sheep for this week's update is our shy little Gilmore sheep! And yes, the golf fans in the house named his best friend Happy--silly huh? Happy and Gilmore arrived as bottle babies some years ago and spent their first months scampering around the house in pampers--what fun! Gilmore is a very gorgeous Merino cross boy with a soft fleece, locks that are 4 inches long and just very minor debris remains to be removed. This could be a fleece for most anything and he has picked out some cheerful colors to dye it up--don't miss out! You can read more about Gilmore and his friends on our meet the sheep pages--they would love it if you stopped by!

And even more Monday fiber--Lots of fun Jacob wool, washed, dyed, more clouds from Happy & Jelly Bean and more! Be sure to have another visit and the sheep thank you for your patience!! Caio! (or as the sheep say- Chow!)

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