Friday, October 11, 2013

Sing me soft kitty....

This is our barn cat Big Kitty. He has been with us all of his 15 years, watching over the sheep, the barn- oh, and not eating mice. That's right,      not    eating     mice. 

BK has no desire for the company of other cats either? Well, unless he wanders down to visit the neighbor cats. I guess he likes his space? We've tried to bring in a cat or two to keep him company but he was so naughty to them we had to take the new kittens back to their former homes. We did not want them to be chased away for the coyotes to find. Eek! 

He loves to be with us though. He follows us everywhere, even on long long walks in the pastures. 
If he is too tired to continue. He'll stop, lay down and nap til we come back again. Know what happens when a mouse gets trapped in a garbage can full of grain? That makes me screech like a little girl when I've already reached my hand in before seeing said mouse? The logical thought would be to set BK in the grain to catch the mouse right? Nope. Not even a swipe of the paw. BK just sat there looking up at me with his cute self- while the mouse ran round and round him. Sigh. Removed cat, scooped up mouse in a bucket and released back into the wild. He has a big dog house decorated with warm blankets and a special place for his food. 
He is the sweetest boy who loves to be snuggled up, loves our Great Pyrenees dogs and the sheep. He's very much king of his castle. He even takes over the remote to watch Big Bang Theory on Thursdays. That is where he learned his favorite song to which he has made some changes to suit his highness. 

Soft Big Kitty,
Warm Big Kitty, 
Great big ball of fur. 
Happy Big Kitty,
Sleepy Big Kitty,
Purr purr purr. 

Works every time!! Be sure you stop by the website to meet BK's sheep and friends. Each has a bio and lots of photos. There is always a lot of fun fiber, handspun yarn and gifties they've created too. All proceeds of sales from the website to toward the critter's feed and veterinarian bills. Oh, and lots and lots of Fruit Loops! 

Happy October everyone- smooches from BK (when he wakes up again that is).