Thursday, December 23, 2010

La Miso Del Gallo....

Our Dalai Llama
Each year the sheep and I love to read about holiday traditions in other cultures and parts of our world. Because we love our own Charlie Rooster, the llamas and alpacas brought this story to us. We hope we have captured the sweetness of this traditional story…
Christmas in Paraguay is celebrated in a deeply religious way. The main focus of the season is the pesebre or nativity scene which is found in both the home and in churches.
December is the summer season in South America, and there is a profusion of flowers growing everywhere at this time of year. Churches and homes are decorated in bright colors to match the flowers. On Christmas Eve, church bells beckon the people to church at midnight for La Misa Del Gallo, translated as Midnight Mass, or more literally the Mass of the Rooster.

Our Charlie rooster and his Chica
Legend has it that the Rooster’s Mass owes its name to the Rooster who would have been among the first to witness the birth of Jesus- and thus be the one to announce it.
In most Spanish speaking countries, Misa de gallo is a typical midnight mass starting around 12 am Christmas Eve. The Christmas feasting begins when family and friends return home from Mass.

We all wish you the very happiest holiday, spent with loved ones, safe travels and wonderful memories to keep in your heart!
Smooches to all, and to all a good night............