Saturday, December 27, 2008

Update ahoy and our own animal friendly millspun yarn!

Happy weekend everyone! The update is finito so please be sure to browse around, lots of pretty locks, washed/unwashed fiber, handspun, batts, clouds AND our new millspun yarn!!
Our new millspun yarn is a combined project between our own sheep, and Jenny's alpacas/llamas & guanacos! Too too fun! We wash the fiber here and send it to the girls at Argyle Fiber Mill (.com) for prep and spinning. This is yarn that just got back home last week and it is next to the skin soft Alpaca-spun in approximately DK weight.

This is also new yarn--again, alpaca in approximately DK weight. If you don't save me from myself, I might have to pop some of that lighter version into the dyepots!!! (insert witch laugh here!)
This is how the yarn knits up, I used #9 needles but probably could have used a #10 for a bit looser knit. This picture is of the ivory Romney x wool from our sheep, and a stripe of the medium silvery brown alpaca. Just too pretty, soft and a very versatile yarn--enough for entire projects, trim, or? Just have some fun and know that we are continuing to branch out to offer unique yarn that is animal friendly--you won't be disapointed! Have a happy weekend--got plans for New Years eve/day? Drive safe if you do!! Cheers!

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