Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bella Mia Update!

Well, here is my Miss Bella Mia! If you go back a few posts you can see her 'before' pictures and read the story of her rescue. She was in pretty sad shape when we brought her home but now she is a different girl! Got a haircut that allowed some wool to keep her warm and we are happy to say she is on her feet a majority of the time now, not her front knees. Her right leg is a little shorter than the left in front, not sure if that is an old injury or if she was born that way but either way, arthritis is a large issue for her. We are working through that now and she has gained weight--AND we seem to have her pain issues under control. She is an old girl, probably a Hampshire sheep and we adore her. She is bunking with our oldest sheep Kelly and they are good friends. We are so proud of her for not losing that spark to try. The first picture shows how content she is--and full of good food! Yey Bella Mia!!

Update tomorrow, maybe Monday if the fiber continues to rebel at the thought of drying!

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