Sunday, December 21, 2008

Some sheep you may not know yet?

Happy is not new to us but this is a new picture of his happy soul! He is so sweet, arrived some years ago with his best buddy Gilmore (tee hee) as bottle lambs. They are inseperable and love a good hug--and of course Fruit Loops! (they also happen to think the fellows should take them golfing too--so far no go!)
Garth is a wise purchase Ross made from a friend who has physical disabilities that prevented her from keeping her pets. Garth is a beautiful Icelandic/E.Fresian cross that is still somewhat shy, but his coat is beyond gorgeous! Loooong locks that are a chestnut color with blonde tips--very striking and soft--we have yarn from Garth on the crazy quilt yarn page if you 'need' a skein! :0)

And last but not least--the mighty Ranier--the blue gray Icelandic sheep. Another smart purchase by Ross--and Ranier is best buds with Garth. (they have always lived together) Ranier is a sweet boy, sort of like a cat though, likes you in his time, his day. He is very regal and I swear, he does not walk, he STOMPS like he is king and everyone should know it! I have not even touched his gorgeous fleece yet this winter, just keep eyeing it from afar. it is a blue/silver color that I have not seen in a fleece before, soft and well, I really should get it in the wash SOON me thinks? The fellows will show up on the website soon--on our meet the sheep pages. Lots of stories to read so get a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy the sheep!!! (and we hope you are warmer than we are today--windy and eeeek!)

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