Friday, December 19, 2008

And the snow begins! An update is done!!

First of all, the sheep knuckled down and got the update accomplished! This is Goliath, our little sheep who arrived as a bottle lamb several years ago with a gang of others--his best friends include Happy, Cosmo and actually everyone he meets! He is an odd little man, a Romney/Lincoln x who has very little wool on his head or ears. It has improved over the years - and of all the unmanly things, we use to have to keep sun screen on his poor ears! He did NOT appreciate that! Goliath (aka Golly) created two pretty colorways for this week's update so don't miss out!

Also more dyed Suri Alpaca--from our Jenny's happy llama, alpaca and guanaco flock! Soft and slinky--a bit of shine and a fun fiber for tail spinning too. There are lots more fibers, batts, washed/unwashed wool and more so be sure to check around!

We also added lots of lash yarn to the Crazy Quilt yarn page, they are from special sheep and would be fun additions to your next projects, or? Just have some holiday karma right? We will be updating the site again the day after Christmas so keep an eye out--the little sheepy elves will be hard at work--baaaaahahahaha!

Joy to the Wooled everyone--hug your families up over the holidays and travel safe!

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AhimsaFibers said...

"Joy to the Wooled"!!! You crack me up!!! Oh, I mean EWE crack me up!

Happy Holidays!