Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sheepy Update Preview? :0)

Mr. Goliath has been working at the dyepots this week and has created some very dramatic colorways! He is a sweet boy (I KNOW, I say that about them all but it really is TRUE!) who arrived as a bottle lamb. He came along with several others that year and spent some time inside romping around the house in pampers. No really! His best friends are Happy and Baab Hope. He has grown into a very pretty Romney cross sheep with a long stapled, medium soft fleece that takes dye like a champ! Very pretty, almost a shine when spun. He said to ask you to stop back this weekend when everything is dry and ready to add to the site, so far, some lash yarn is ready, dyed wool, even some dyed Suri Alpaca from Jen's flock! More very soon-- Goliath (aka Golly)

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