Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Not a snow plow in sight.....

Because I have not been outside quite yet, using a picture from last winter here--and looks amazingly like today in the pasture of cuteness! I am not sure how much snow we have, the roads are drifted shut and not a snowplow in sight. Yum! Great day for spinning yarn and watching the sheep play in the snow. They love to play, til their legs get cold, then they are back in the barn pel mel. A pretty day for sure--but keeping us from town so appreciate your patience about packages heading out--hoping tomorrow but might not be til Thursday..... Another update on the way for the weekend so keep an eye out and happy winter everyone! Toodles!

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AhimsaFibers said...

Ah, lucky! The storm mostly missed us, we got maybe 2 inches. I'm not a big fan of winter but I LOVE snow!

Enjoy your snow day!