Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays everyone! Hope you are hugging up your families and enjoying the day! Had to give some prime time to the goats, who have been complaining that they are never on the blog! This is our Ariel, she was a bottle girl that kept our Angus company as a bottle lamb. Makes sense! Shetland sheep with a crazy Pygmy cross goat? They were a hoot romping around the house! And as you can see, Ariel has a great goatie sense of humor! This was her favorite place to hide out--until the goats spent too much time hopping on and off the roof--of course to get to the garage roof? Crazy goats!!
And this is Phoebe, she loves this box and even though she is too big for it now, she STILL manages to fit herself in there--one of these days we may have to bust her out! ha! She is also a bottle baby and she spent much of her first winter in the house-- when she gets loose, she comes and waits for me at the back door and still takes any chance to get back in the house. What a sweetie! She is a Pygora goat and gives us some gorgeous fiber every spring.
Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday, update set for tomorrow (12/16) so be sure to browse by! Lots of fiber, NEW mill spun yarn from Jenny's alpacas, and even some new yarn--busy busy sheep! ha! Joy to the Wooled everyone!

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