Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Finally- Here is the April Yarn Raffle!! Yey!

I can't tell you all how much we appreciate your patience! This has been a bit of a trying time for both sides of our family--and we thank you!

This will be April's Yarn Raffle, and again, thank you to Carolyn, Holly and our sheep for such fun yarn! Carolyn and Holly are my long distance spinning friends and generously donated several skeins of yarn to this month's raffle! Thank you SO much!

SO, please have a visit to our site for more info on the Avon page and see what goodness awaits! We also have a fiber raffle with some gorgeous Suri Alpaca (naturally colored too!) and Cotswold wool pindraft roving--don't miss out!

We are sorting through fleeces as fast as the weather allows--we were with out power most of today so now I am just resigned to being perpetually behind I think! ha! We have a winter storm and our naked sheeps are NOT happy! They were sheared last week and the weather has just been mean! We are so greatful for our warm old barns! Otherwise, trying to keep up, have more unwashed wool on the site today, yarn and of course the raffle! Will be adding more unwashed fiber soon so be sure to add yourself to the sheepy fan club on the site--a new feature so we can notify you when we have added new items, and it is just as easy to join as take yourself off the list if you get tired of the sheepy emails! Thank you again, all of you, we have raised over $600 so far for the Avon walk and we are thrilled!

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