Friday, April 27, 2007

A Son's Take on Breast Cancer Fund Raising :0)

This is our wonderful son Ross, who spends his days between learning to program gaming computers and taking care of our family business. He is the sheep's appointed 'Shipping Manager', using trailers and wheelbarrows to cart your orders and boxes into town to mail them on their way.

He is 19, wonderful and we are blessed! My niece is a few months older than Ross and attending NIU nursing school in IL. She was involved in a fundraiser for BC research--the shirt you see proudly modelled here by Ross is the item they sold to raise money! It says 'save the boobies' and has the flagship pink ribbon for BC awareness pictured too.

I was silly, only ordered ONE shirt, never thinking the guys here would think it was SO fun! SO, here is son number one, with shirt one and only--and being quite the mug! What a hoot!!

No babies for Athena yet for those who might be wondering, she and her two friends Fancy & Chanel are due mid May, we hope sooner though, poor girls are quite BIG. Ugh! Keep telling them, last time and no more, AND they get to keep these babies forever! :0)

We will be holding the April BC drawing this weekend so keep your eyes peeled for the winners! I think we will be running one more in May, then donating the proceeds to my sisters. Then we will continue our 'tribute' items, that will have the entire amount donated to Avon after that. We will probably hold fall raffles though to benefit them--and Hospice, who has taken good care of our Claire (my mother in law) as she battles her own cancer.... See the site for more info and off I go--the sheep are fussing and having fits--waiting to get out on the new grass for the morning!!


HollyEQQ said...

Funniest entry ever!
I love you ROSS!
How cute are you!

And Thank you for shipping all my beauewetiful boxes!!

Can you order me a t-shirt? Size XL for my brother-in-law - seriously.
He will be thrilled. He will be over the moon. He loves the boobies - saved or not! :)
Happy Friday

Jill said...

That's the best t-shirt I've seen yet for raising awareness of BC. Will certainly make people look twice!