Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Updates and ramblings!

Good eeeeevening! I vant to show you fiber..... mwaaahahhaha! Geesalou, been a loooong day- can you tell? ha! The sheep stayed up late tonight, or should I say late WORKING, to update the website AND etsy! Yey sheeps- bet they will sleep late tomorrow? Doubt it!
Top picture is the first of the Mohair (Angora goatie) fiber we have to offer from our friends Mary & Joseph's flock. (really really-that is their name!) The fiber in the picture is from their papa goat and started out 'life' as a silvery white fleece. THEN the sheep happened and that was all she wrote.... ;0) They sure come up with some great color ways!
This is another Coopworth wool selection- Fade to Fall....

Our Romney clan's wool, blended at the Argyle Fiber Mill with huacaya & suri alpaca from Jenny's happy flock. And again, the sheep got happy and dyed it all up! Sweet Potato!

And last but not least, our Baab Hope has his fiber sorted out and listed on the website too. He is such a sweet sheep (I say that alot, but it really is true!). He arrived as a bottle lamb and has grown into this beautiful, elegant Lincoln/Romney cross sheep. The only black spot on his body is the little beauty mark above his mouth on the left side-- I LOVE this picture of Baab.

Baab's wool features 4+ inch locks, very minor debris to remove, soft/medium to touch, a bit of shine- AND easy to wash, dye and blend..... Can't go wrong!
We did a little rearranging on the site (fall cleaning?) so be sure to check around for the new drop down menu choices. I think seperating the fibers to some of their own pages is making it easier to browse with out being so overwhelmed? Hope so anyway! Working on yarn this week so will be updating pages, adding new yarn to both Etsy and the Site- and we are always happy to combine orders if you shop both ok? Just email the sheep and we will get it all set to go! Manana sheeples!
PS! Don't forget our sheepy knit/sew along for the shirtless UK chicks ok? CHICKENS you naughties! The sheep just cast on chicken jumper #5! (info in blog update August 24- or email for info ok?)

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