Sunday, December 31, 2006

Now really, a PENGUIN on the FARM???

Yep, you heard right! A penguin really DID land here! ha! I got a deal on this little used wheel that is actually named a 'Penguin' spinning wheel, manufactured by Prairie's End Wood Crafts of Katy, Texas - how about THAT??

I love to spin on my old 'kick' spindle (left) but it takes some finagling and oomph--and patience which I don't always have lots of....

I have always wanted a Taos wheel so I could pedal AND spin from the quill--just like the old walking wheels, but better! Cost has kept me from justifying that one but this little Penguin is just the best!

Great for spinning bulky OR fine yarns--AND those great novelty yarns that have fun 'stuff' spun in that is too large to fit through the openings on my other wheels....

I see many fun afternoons spinning wool out with the sheep thanks to the light weight and snazzy carry handle on this wheel! Can't wait!

Gees, can you believe shearing is getting SO close?? Have to call our wonderful shearer to set up hair cuts for the poopsies in March! Bwwaaaaaa hahahahahahaha! Happy New Year everyone and thank you Frank and Claire for the Christmas Penguin!

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hollyeqq said...

I wanna penguin! How cute. And you don't have to worry about the big - will it fit through the hole! You could probably tuck that behind a door when company comes over and you don't have to worry about busting the flyer. What a good idea. Ok, now I know what my next purchase is going to be! That is if I can ever stop buying fiber!