Saturday, January 13, 2007

Some very cool people & their critters...

Meet our new friend Checkers! He lives with a wonderful rescue group in WI called . They are a non-profit group that takes in horses that are often just in the middle of a sad family situation that need a place to stay til their new forever home comes along. They also do wonderful rehabilitation work for horses that need TLC.

Their work is outstanding and we have been watching their site wishing we had more horse room at the Homestead! We are donating a little money each month to help support Checkers, a dude with a tude that needs a new home. We are considering him in the future (if he waits for us) as a companion to Casper if anything should happen to Monte--who is now a bit 28 years old but still going strong!

From the info we have on Checkers, he seems like a perfect match for Casper--both of them are sassy! We will see what the future brings....

If you are considering a place to make donations to in the future, please stop in at Checkers' website and have a visit with the horses that are in rehab at this wonderful farm! Thank you to all who keep tabs on us, we appreciate you all!

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