Sunday, January 21, 2007

Do 'ewe' see what I see????

Yep, snow! We were SO happy to see some snow when we looked out our window today! The sheep love it too and as you can see, it is really coming down! I think we are in for only about 4 inches but it is such pretty, huge mongo flakes!

I think Bobbi (our Great Pyrenees) is in the picture wishing the sheep would stay inside--she and Andrew are very dedicated to their sheep, no matter how silly they behave. Those sheep just love to gallop about in the snow--from the looks of them, they have been out carousing in the pasture for some time in their warm wooly coats!

Looks like a fun day of watching sheep 'streak'--they start out the barn door at a full run, tear down to the end of their pasture kicking and jumping--turn around and back to 'bed' to warm their feet again! They do not like cold legs/feet! They do however love to run about in the snow and even the oldest of our sheep act like lambs on a day like today!

Lambs that have never seen snow are just a riot--first the snow might 'bite' them, then they find out what all the hoopla is all about and run themselves into a gasping oblivion! Too too fun, another great day here at the homestead, hope you are having a great day too-happy snowy sheep!

(we are obviously very easily amused! ha!)


Jill Schaefer said...

Your post about the sheep playing in the snow made me smile. Thank you for that. :-)

Anonymous said...

How beautiful - it makes me miss snow! But we all know that isn't the way it usually looks. And it gets old.
Bobbie is such a good dog - he looks peaceful... albeit he does have the face, like yeah yeah, snow, it is not like you haven't seen it before, run and do your thing so we can go back inside like normal dogs/sheep.
Have a great day.