Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sock it to me???? ha!

Life has been 'socking it to us' a bit lately here at the Ryans but strangely enough, I am socking back! haha! I am almost done with a handspun/hand knit sock (I am too scared to turn heels very often)--the famous no heeled-sock kind! Will post pics when I have them done, got tired of buying socks in the store that drove me insane and did not keep my feet warm either! SO, what are you all passing the winter knitting?

The sheep are happy and healthy, Chessa continues to improve getting over her pneumonia. Been working on adding more time to my day (???) so I can enjoy some carding again. Love our batt carder, just have the priorities set to my day to be 1-sheep; 2- spinning; 3 website and of course getting boxes packed and on their way in a timely fashion. Doesn't always leave much time to carve out for carding but I truly miss it so am trying--keep an eye on the site for our 'famous' Crazy Quilt batts and Bump in the Night batts!

Hug your loved ones EVERY day!

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