Sunday, January 14, 2007

Oh my gosh, I am SO freaking out!!!!

We got a WONDERFUL email from Jenn of Indie Fixx this morning- what a way to start our day!! The sheep are just doing back flips out there at this news! hahaha!

We've been reviewed on Indie Fixx as a site that people can feel safe buying wool from--thank you so much for the wonderful words Jenn and be sure to check the others out on the site to support your independent artists!!! Woohoo!

We are happy that people are discovering that there IS such a thing as animal friendly wool. Our philosophy may not work for every farmer but any fiber we sell comes from our own pampered flock, or flocks we are personally familiar with. We have visited each farm to insure that the sheep are happy, well treated and that we would be comfortable purchasing from them to help support their efforts.

While we do rescue sheep from some sad situations, many are just 'victims' of family and financial situations that the families really do worry about where the sheep live the rest of their lives out. We have a little network of families in our area that have also been in on a few rescues too. Thank you all, and thank you Indie Fixx for posting such kind words about our sheep!!!! Oh happy days!

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Holly said...

that is fabulous! we all love you so much!