Thursday, January 18, 2007

It DOES snow in Wisconsin!!!! Sometimes....

The piglets Peanut & Pal are VERY unhappy to have snow on the ground, the most we see out of them right now is a cute little snout peeking out to see if they HAVE to venture out into the powdery 4 inches of snow we got the other night! Nice switch from our usual rain/ice that seems to take over our winters here now--where are our old fashioned winters??? The warmer weather is very tough on the sheep but so far they are faring well, only one case of Pneumonia for our hospital suite and that is Chessa--who is improving now and will be spending the rest of the cold weather in her roomy, warm suite in the old draft horse part of our dairy barn. Old Vincent Van Goat and his girl Bella La Goatie (she loves scary movies!) are rooming in the suite next door so they can stay warm--they don't get the nice curlies to keep them warm since they are regular old goaties!

The neighbor's kids did not waste a second the other day, saw snow and out came the sleds--complete with a re-built old snow mobile that only goes slow to pull them back up the hills! Looked like they were having a riot all day down there, lots of giggling and squealing floating down our way through the valley.... too too fun!

Lots of new stuff on the website this week, yarn, fiber and new hand dyed roving --check it out when you have a few and happy Thursday!!

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