Friday, January 19, 2007

Shearing Time Begins- Woolie Paradise!!

And off we go--shearing begins! We are off to pick up some great Cotswold and cross fleeces tomorrow so keep an eye on the website! I am also trying to get to our OWN sheep fleeces too, as I have been stingy and held on to way too many! ha! Never never have enough wool--or sheep!! (Just don't tell on me)

Looking forward to hearing from all of you with pictures of your projects--we have a newly re-created fiber art page and need to get it filled up. Sorry for those of you whose pictures were lost during our computer melt downs last year but we hope we will hear from you to get the artwork re-posted! It is TOO fun to see what everyone is busy creating with fiber and yarn! You are all very talented artistes!

On the homefront, we are finally having some even temps that have the sheep all nice and cozy with their incredible fleeces. We won't be shearing again til the end of March (hopefully the weather will be good to us til then!) but some of our friends will begin in Feb. Sheep sheared early like this are always kept inside --all nice and warm til the weather warms up. The low number of great shearers often dictate shearing schedules--have to get on those schedules as they are available or in our area... Looking forward to seeing our friends for shearing, often like a never ending fun fest when we go help out and gather up the wool! Happy weekend!!

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