Saturday, December 16, 2006

It really is true--my little Southdowns CAN run!!

Trevor & Brinley are our little sweet pea Baby Doll Southdown twins. They are beyond cute (mainly the reason they are here!) and I just adore their smiley faces! They are always sure to cheer you up if you are having a blue day.....

These are their lamb pictures, they have not changed or grown much, just more muscled and round! This breed of sheep is popular in Europe. They are turned loose in the vinyards and orchards to keep weeds and brush trimmed--they are not tall enough to reach the fruit so are a perfect combination for clean areas. They also LOVE to eat windfall apples and fruit--we have several apple trees in the pasture they are in and they are always checking to see if one may have fallen when they were not watching.

We have to giggle at them, they are the most laid back sheep ever, very sleepy, sedate and thoughtful of what they should do next. They like to lay about and nap, and their short little stout legs do not like to move fast! They also have a funny habit of sitting on their hinders like dogs before they get up--almost like they have to be sure the effort is worth it!

We always joke that they never run but yesterday, they proved us wrong--I saw them both, with my own eyes galloping about and chasing the other sheep around the old pig barn..... Way too funny--they don't go fast but they get where they are going--gotta like that!

Hope you all are having happy holidays, watch for new posts of roving, yarn and fiber coming soon!!!

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hollyeqq said...

I love the sheep shots! Too cute!