Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The cart before the sheep???

REALLY???? Well, the sheep took a vote- EVERYone of the Ryan critter crew decided it was time to add a shopping cart to their website.... I have been avoiding doing so, mainly because I do not like big changes- and this is a BIG one! The sheep threatened to make me walk the plank if I did not co-operate, so in the interest of not getting fired, I caved.

Work is under way as we speak to install the shopping cart- our update will be a little delayed this week while I get this under control. Wish me luck! I thought MAYbe the sheep would/should help me get this computer work done? I asked and this is what followed:

Um, Mom, can't you see we are tired and busy having a good nap???
We caaannnn't hear you....
La la la......
Anyone INSIDE want to help me out? Libby - nope.
Noodle- definitely not.
SO, guess that's my answer huh? Better get back to work! Just wait til they all want treats right? I might have an entire box of Fruit Loops myself- hope they stocked up this week.... bwaaahahahahaha!
More info to follow just as soon as we have the website all set to go- until then you can shop and browse the website, the cart will not be visible yet.... Toodles!

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