Thursday, October 14, 2010

Do you see what I see?

A fleece, a fleece, lurking in my stash...... Which would be why the sheep are currently kicking my hiney to get my ridiculous stash 'under control'- but is it EVER that? (usually not-ha ha sheep!)
BUT, do you see what I see? To me it would be impossible to choose my favorite part of fiber work, but sorting a pretty fleece has to be right up at the top. It might seem weird, a dirty fleece with such a wonderful smell- outdoors and of my sweet sweet sheeps. It is like having them right in my fiber palace with me while I work, sorting each fleece lock by lock to be sure only the best reach our customers' projects.
I see evidence of my sheeps' gleeful, purposeful ability to ignore our 'clean fleece' rules. They know I strictly enforce our number ONE rule- happy sheep- the others are simply 'requests'. I find flakes of hay deposited by larger sheep eating their lunch over the top of the smaller sheep. A stray oat that was not vacuumed up by hungry sheep- eating like they have not eaten for days? And for those of you know are familiar with our little flock, NObody is anywhere near hungry.

I can see a sheep that has been sick at some point in the past year-breaks in the fleece indicate fever, illness, lambing or a change in feed.  Long beautiful locks that are healthy and strong from good food.  Natural fading at the tips of the locks from lazy days of napping in the sun.

We also sell for and purchase from other little animal friendly flocks- their fleeces also tell me their stories. Some live down the road, some far away. Some sheep we know live on a golf course. Some wear jackets, some do not. A glimpse of a sheep who is obviously top of the food line or the rascal sheep who is always into something. Most of all, I can see the kindness and love provided by the sheep's owners.

Be careful or you might miss the special story all rolled up in a sheep's fleece. Some things you just can't see with your eyes.


HollyEQQ said...

Oh what an awesome post!

I see what you see. The fleeces make my heart sing... particularly happy fleece!

Velvet said...

I see it! I see it! And they all look wonderful!!!!!