Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rolling out the shopping cart!

Most of you are aware of the sheep's decision to add a shopping cart to their website? We just finished up all the coding and away we roll- tee hee!
Must add though, the sheep often make executive decisions about the website. I think after deciding to add the shopping cart, they also added an addendum to say NO SHEEP will help Sandy get the techno aspects accomplished. I spent a few weeks asking 'where ARE my techno sheep when I need them?' Then I decided the are lucky they are cute because I cannot stay mad at them for even a second.... still, just sayin'!

The sheep have taken over in the fiber palace again though- they've gone batty! bwaaahahaha! We are still adding lots of fiber and yarn so hope you will stop on by. They are even launching their new fall fashion line- lots of warmies for fall/winter and gifts...

Hope you can all stop by and have a browse- help us roll out the barrell- bwaaahahahahaha! (just don't let those sassy sheep push me in the cart- over the hill!) Smooches from the sheep!

Homestead Wool And Gift Farm

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Velvet said...

You and the sheepies sure have been very very busy!!!!!